Aquaman Endorses Trump's Paris Accord Decision in Late Show Parody

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President Donald Trump has been widely criticized for his announcement last week that the United States will withdraw from the Paris climate accord, an agreement by more than 190 countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate global warming. While his action has received pushback from world and business leaders, environmental activists, and U.S. governors and mayors, Trump has received support from a surprising source: Aquaman.

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In an animated parody that aired Monday on CBS's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, DC Comics' sea king -- or, rather "king of all that is damp" -- reminded viewers that rising sea levels is really only a problem for land-dwellers.

"Y'know, everybody's saying that Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris accord is a bad thing," Aquaman said in the video, which repurposes footage from the character's animated television appearances, "but I think it's great. Now Aquaman will finally get some respect. You may not believe this, but when there was trouble, people seldom said, 'Hey, call the guy that can talk to shrimp.' But thanks to Trump pulling out of the Paris climate accord, all that's changed, because now as the sea levels rise, I'll be sitting pretty."

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It seems like a small price to pay to help Aquaman bounce back from decades of mockery following his rather limited role in the animated Super Friends. Right?

"After all, who are you going to turn to for help when you're treading water in Midtown Manhattan?" he continued. "The Thing? He'll sink like the rock he is. And, yes, I know The Thing is marble, but who cares, we'll all be drowning -- except for me, because I can swim for hours without getting tired."

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