Aquaman Claims His Birthright In New "Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis" Trailer

Newsarama has posted the first peek at the latest installment in the DC Animated movie universe, "Justice League: Throne of Atlantis." While the action film's name may classify this as a Justice League picture, Aquaman fans will be happy to learn that the classic character unquestionably takes the lead in this footage.

The two-minute-long trailer sets the stage and the stakes for the upcoming Blu-ray feature, as Atlantis prepares to break the seal on their war plans and make enemies with the surface world's dangerous new protectors -- the Justice League. With a massive undersea army poised to attack, the League believes that only Arthur Curry -- a man with ties to both worlds above and below -- can keep the peace.

The trailer also details how Curry came to have the codename Aquaman in a scene reminiscent of the "it's an 'S'" scene in "Man of Steel." You can check out the trailer below.

"Justice League: Throne of Atlantis" is expected to be released on Blu-ray in Spring 2015.

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