Comic Legends: Did Aquaman Almost Kill Black Manta In His 1991 Series?

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Shaun McLaughlin tried to have Aquaman kill Black Manta during the 1991 Aquaman series.



In Adventure Comics #452 (by David Michelinie and Jim Aparo), Aquaman and Aqualad were forced to fight against each other while Black Manta held Aquaman's infant son hostage and in the end, Aquababy died...

Aquaman set off to kill Black Manta to avenge his son, but in the next part of the story (in Aquaman #57 by Michelinie and Aparo), Aquaman ultimately decides not to kill him...

However, over a decade later, the two had a rematch in the fifth issue of Shaun McLaughlin's short-lived Aquaman series, as Black Manta interrupts an Aquaman press conference to taunt him over his dead kid...

Aquaman vows that he WILL kill him this time...

And the cover of Aquaman #6 (Kevin Maguire did some stunning covers for this run) suggests that it might actually happen...

But Black Manta survives.

However, in a recent interview with my pal John Trumbull in Back Issue magazine, McLaughlin revealed that originally his intent WAS for Aquaman to kill Black Manta! He explained, "I wanted Manta dead. He was, to my mind, the most successful villain in the DC Universe and I wanted him to pay for killing Arthur, Jr. My idea was then Aquaman would become an outcast and the Justice League would want to track him down because a hero shouldn’t kill.”

Wow, that would have been fascinating, right?

Too bad it didn't happen. Black Manta could have easily been brought back to life by another writer anyways. Seeing a sort of twist on the Trial of the Flash would have been interesting, as well.

Thanks to Shaun McLaughlin and John Trumbull for the information!

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