The Ultimate Aquaman Gift Guide

Despite being mocked and jeered for decades, Aquaman has endured as one of the most prominent figures in DC Comics. Known for his unparalleled heroism and courage in the face of adversity, he has also become a symbol of tolerance and compassion by forging a peace between humankind and his subjects in Atlantis.

In 2018 he finally got the cinematic treatment. Hailed as one of the most dynamic superhero films in recent years, Aquaman proved a hit for DC Studios thanks to stunning visuals, a compelling narrative, and its charismatic leading man Jason Momoa. It told the story of Arthur Curry, half Atlantean, half human who must acknowledge his heritage and take his rightful place on the throne of Atlantis. To accomplish this great task, he must locate the lost Trident of Atlan and defeat his half brother King Orm to obtain the title of Ocean Master. Aquaman gained a whole new legion of fans and a newfound respect!

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From deep beneath the waves of the Seven Kingdoms, Diamond Select Toys brings the premium quality to the (ocean) realm of figurines with this incredibly detailed and movie-accurate version of Aquaman, straight out of his debut in his own feature film.

This 9 inch figure depicts the moment when Arthur Curry obtained the title of “Ocean Master” in 2018’s Aquaman, finally embracing his heritage and rightful place as ruler of Atlantis. This hand cast resin figurine has been sculpted with Mark Wong’s designs and painstakingly hand painted by Rocco Tartamella.


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These days, showing your love for the fandoms of your choice is not only easier than ever, but much more socially accepted. Front your nerdy side without risking cool points at your next sophisticated affair with these Aquaman Cufflinks. Whether it’s a corporate party, fancy dinner date, or wedding, these smart looking accessories will give your formal ensemble a little flash of personality.

These gold and green cufflinks depict Aquaman’s “A” symbol of his Atlantean crest, with the same symbol also appearing on the matching tie pin. The set comes in a classy tufted jewelry box to keep them safe.


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Flash this beautiful canvas wallet and feel like the Ocean Master himself. With its unique styling mimicking Atlantean designs and muted blue, green, and gold color palette. A chrome Aquaman “A” is presented on the front in burnished gold, complementing the understated aesthetic.

This officially licensed wallet by DC Comics is a bi-fold wallet, measuring 22cm by 8.7cm, and has a total of 5 card slots, with a clear plastic window for your photo identification, and a horizontal slot that allows for the storage of bills. It’s the perfect way for an Aquaman fan to keep their own treasures of Atlantis safe.


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With the Aquaman: All Bulked Up Backpack, you can fit everything and a Kraken in its cavernous innards. Made with an understated aesthetic in mind and a long, duffel-like body, it can hold up to a 15 inch laptop in its padded laptop sleeve. It also has a variety of other compartments to stow other types of gear.

Created in shades of brown and blue from durable materials made to reflect the folds of an amphibious creature and the stylish designs of the Atlantean people, it bears a burnished version of Aquaman’s “A” on the front and measures 21 inches in height, 13.5 inches wide, with a depth of 6.5 inches.


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While he is sometimes derided for his appearance, Aquaman is one of the most prominent characters in all of DC Comics. With a rich history straddling his Atlantean responsibility with his concern for humankind, his exploits both under the sea and on land have inspired over 75 years of adventures, available now in 400 pages of comic lore.

The King of Atlantis, born Arthur Curry, the son of a research scientist (or in 2018’s Aquaman, a lighthouse keeper) and an Atlantean aristocrat, he was born to one day rule the Seven Kingdoms, but he would also be a co-founder of the Justice League and the first DC superhero to start a family.


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Rule the Seven Kingdoms as Ocean Master when you complete your cosplay with this Justice League Aquaman Trident. Not a cosplayer? It’s perfect for Halloween, or the next time you hit the beach or throw a pool party. Or mount it on your wall to remind everyone who’s boss.

When you’re not fighting off the neighboring Brine Kingdom or your power-hungry half brother Orm for the right to rule Atlantis, show off the fine craftsmanship to all your friends. It measures 69cm long and 31cm wide at the widest part of the prongs and is made from a combination of plastic, wood, and metal screw connectors with a metallic paint finish.


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Relive all the excitement and adventure of Aquaman, the feature film debut of Arthur Curry and one of DC’s most recognizable superheroes. When King Orm has decided he wants to rule more than Atlantis, Arthur Curry, half Atlantean, half human, must acknowledge his legacy and find the Trident of Atlan to challenge Orm for the title of “Ocean Master”.

This Blu-Ray Steelbook lets you watch Aquaman the way its stunning visuals and breathtaking narrative was meant to be seen. Crystal clear 4k Ultra HD format delivers superior picture quality and sound, and the Steelbook provides you with the feature film, digital copy, and loads of bonus features.


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Whether you want to have the most memorable birthday ever, or to just scare your roommate in the shower, this life size cutout standup of Aquaman is sure to be the gift that keeps on giving. With its advanced graphic design giving it cinema quality coloration and sharpness, it looks exactly like Arthur Curry in his classic Aquaman ensemble of green and gold.

Over six feet high, he will suitably tower over any mere humans. Fans of Aquaman or just Jason Momoa will love its realism, with every detail from the scales on his suit to the tip of his trident rendered with precision. Your guests will definitely want pictures next to this Aquaman!


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Recreate this exciting scene from the Justice League film when Aquaman takes on a Parademon with the help of two Atlantean guards with this 197 piece set. The scene includes a grand arch from the Lost City of Atlantis that the Parademon can use his Super Jumper to knock over, as well as various underwater flora to give the set ambiance.

Aquaman has two power blasts and his trident, which should more than hold up against the Parademon’s stud shooter. And if that doesn’t work, he has the Atlantean Guards and their Plasma Guns as backup artillery.


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No fan of Aquaman’s collection would be complete without this Funko Collector’s Box, complete with a gold Arthur Curry Funko Pop!, one HeroWorld Aquaman, a HeroWorld Mera, and a HeroWorld Trench Creature. You even get one Mystery Mini figure (either a Black Manta or a Ceremonial Mera), and a trident pen.

Recreate your favorite scenes from 2018’s Aquaman with the starring characters, perfect for setting up on your desk at work, or bookshelf at home. Or better yet, who’s to say they wouldn’t make the perfect bath toys after a long day of surface-dwelling?

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