Aquaman Star Amber Heard Defends Posting Nude Photo on Social Media

Aquaman star Amber Heard has posted a semi-nude picture to her social media and, as expected, the Internet has feelings about it.

In response to the #freethenipple movement that has been trending on social media for the last few years, Heard posted a black and white photo of herself wearing nothing but an open jacket and slacks. The Free the Nipple movement bases itself around the idea that the nude male chest has been acceptable in public for decades, and that the laws keeping women from having the same freedom are misogynist and patriarchal repressive structures.

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Much of the furor over Heard's photo appears to have been stoked by lingerie company La Fille d'O, which has called on its followers to report Heard's picture as inappropriate. In response, Heard's fans are calling out the company, which produces lingerie for women and tends to post rather racy content to its own platforms, for shaming a woman and actively working to support a system that encourages such shaming.

"#LaFilletEgo cool cool - love women supporting women!!" Heard wrote in the Tweet. "(Btw-Pls let us know when you’re coming out with your chic new men’s lingerie line)." She included the tag #FreeTheNip.

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Heard's picture has also sparked debates about art versus exploitation, with many responses to Heard's post noting that most museums and art galleries feature numerous nude female figures, all of which are considered art, and none of which are censored for their apparent flaunting of rules governing public female nudity.

Heard recently starred as Mera in the DC Extended Universe film Aquaman alongside Jason Momoa, a role she will reprise in the sequel, set for 2022. Heard is currently filming The Stand, a television series based on the Stephen King novel of the same name.

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