April Fools 20 Questions.

I feel a little weird about doing these. Cronin always talked about stuff that he got the past week. But all I got last week was this. And I can't think of 20 questions about Scott Morse' sketchbook.

(Except: If SAID it was gonna come with a button or a sticker. And it didn't. Despite the fact that it was 90% off Suggested Retail Price, can I still be kinda pissed?)

So, instead, 20 Y'got 20 Random Questions about Random Comic Stuff:

1) What's your favorite joke from Ambush Bug?

2) If you opened a comic shop, what would you call it?

3) Thinkin' about Joe Matt's Peepshow here, and summa Crumb's stuff. When one is makin' diary comics, is there a line where being open and honest about yer life becomes too much information? Is there, honestly, any artistic value in making people uncomfortable by how fucked up you are? (P.S. I mean this in a much less snarky way than it sounds.)

4) Speaking of which: Has there been more good work done in memoir/diary/autobiographical comics than in books? I dunno much about non-comic autobiography, but a lot of the bestsellers I see in Barnes and Noble tend to look kinda cheap and slightly sleazy, while there's just a whole buncha great, funny, really well constructed comic autobiograhpies.

Is this even worth asking here, since we're all biased comic nerds?

5) If Marvel does a batch of interconnecting mini-series based on minor characters like DC's Seven Soldiers, what seven characters should they use?

6) There's a famous quote about the proliferation of superhero comics that goes something like "What if all the novels were about nurses? Wouldn't THAT suck? That's how superhero comics are now!" I've heard it attributed to Warren Ellis and Dave Sim.

Based on this:  What if Marvel and DC stopped producing superhero comics, and started churnin' out ONLY nurse comics?  Which current creative team would make the most awesomely great nurse book?  It could be nurses in love or medical thriller.**

7)  Not countin' Don Decarlo and Bob Bolling, who's your favorite artist that's worked for Archie comics?

8) History interpretation question: Is Rhymes With Lust the first graphic novel?

9) What comic from the Hicksville Library do you most want to read?

10) Which was better: Civil War or Infinite Crisis?

11) Which was better: Secret Wars II or Millenium?

12) Greg Hatcher was talking briefly about the Peanuts comic BOOKS* a while back, and what I've read of 'em was pretty dang good. What other comic strips, current or defunct, would translate well into 32 page pamphlet format?

13) Who's yer favorite letterer currently workin' in comics?

14) I collect team-up books, and this is buggin' me. Does anyone know why the Superman/Superboy team-up from DC Comics Presents eighty-something is selling for so much more than ANY other issue of the series? Including the other Superboy team-up and the comic that introduces the New Teen Titans?

15) Re-reading James Kochalka's sketchbook diaries taught me how to put swears inside of swears to get more swearing in (fufuckuck!) and that puddle ducks are the only creatures besides man that rape. What have you learned from comics lately?

16) 'Cording to rumor, there's gonna be a comic based on Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer painting. What other painting could serve as the basis for a cool ongoing series? (I'd buy the Garden of Earthly Delights by Morrison and Quietly in a second.)

17. So: I read an interview with Art Spiegelman in the Comics Journal, and it was really, really interesting, even though I think many of the Journal's interviews just go on too long. I read an interview with Spiegs in the Onion, and it was all kind of stupid. But the Onion interview with Alan Moore was wonderfully awesome. Changed my life.

So, having said all that, what MAKES a good interview with a comics artist or writer? What makes a shitty interview? Is interviewing in itself an art form?

18) Not counting Crumb hisself, who's your favorite of the artists who's stuff regularly appears in Zap?

19) Y'all know about John Byrne sayin' crazy shit on his message board, right? Has this affected your view of his work? How?

20) Now that Lucifer is (*sniff*) defunt, what Sandman character should get their own spin-off book?

* Technically he was talking about an anthology comic that featured, among other things, Peanuts stories in short six or eight page segments. But I didn't know how to say that without destroyin' the phrasing of my question, and, anyway, there was also a Peanuts comic book.

* * Sorry for all the Brad Curran style asterisks, but I'm trying to keep my questions short. Anyway, I don't want to suggest that those are the only two sorts of possible nurse comics. You could do nurse fantasy, or nurses at war, or Woodring style abstract nurses, or funny animal nurses... The possibilities are endless.

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