Apple Arcade Has Something for Every Gamer in New Games Launch

Apple Arcade subscribers are in for a treat. Five new games are joining the subscription service's growing catalogue: Super Mega Mini Party, Monomals, Mosaic, Jumper Jon and Star Fetched.

A new title from 10-year mobile veterans Red Games, Super Mega Mini Party is a multiplayer-focused experience that pits players against four strangers (or friends!) in eight challenging mini-games. There's also a solo training mode where players can learn the game's fundamentals as well as earn achievements.

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Monomals, from game publisher Picomy, combines action with music in a cutesy animal-DJ world. Players choose from three characters – Retro Rabbit, Funky Frog or Techno Tiger – and set out on missions to fish for Monomals while using Monomakers to create their own personal music playlists. Ultimately, these playlists can be listened to while fishing. There are 21 underwater vignettes to explore with myriads of collectibles to keep players busy.

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Krillbite Studio, the makers of Among the Sleep, is releasing Mosaic; a narrative-based adventure game that ponders the philosophical implications of adult-life as well as the monotony of the working world. A mere cog in an ever-expanding mega corporation, players' everyday routine consists of navigating an overpopulated city, checking meaningless phone notifications to distract themselves from the mundanity of life and clocking in for grueling overtime shifts. When odd events start unfolding during the early morning commute to work, this boring routine is shifted and nothing will ever be the same.

Jumper Jon is a metroidvania platformer about titular protagonist Jon, a tiny devil that dies and is resurrected every 30 seconds. As Jon, players will journey across the depths of hell with their companion Jane to piece together the mystery behind the sudden imbalance of good and evil. The game will be released in chapters and showcases a nuanced take on time mechanics.

Star Fetched is a sci-fi smorgasbord of genres: platformer, RPG and tower-defense. Players take control of Rhys Randall, a space explorer that is teleported to a distant solar system to fend off waves of incoming aliens. With limited equipment – a spacesuit and a weak firearm – Rhys must forage and amass enough resources to construct a spaceship, travel to a number of nearby planets, and come up with an optimal way to protect the galaxy.

These five games are available to all Apple Arcade members starting today. Moreover, all of the titles can be played on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

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