Apple Announces Game Subscription Service With Over 100 Titles

In addition to information about Apple News updates and a new payment system, Apple announced the upcoming launch of a new subscription service called Apple Arcade, which will help users discover new games.

The service will also include over 100 exclusive titles, though details about how much the subscription will cost haven’t been released.

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One problem some Apple users have had with finding games in the App Store is that the sheer number of games available can be overwhelming, and there are few opportunities to browse and discover quality paid titles. Apple Arcade aims to give users access to less mainstream games, and will use part of the funds brought in by those games to support the developers who created them.

Apple Arcade will not be a separate app, but will instead be available inside the App Store. All games will be all-you-can-play, meaning you get future content at the same monthly price. Games will also be available to play offline.

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A few of the games users can look forward to include a new Sonic the Hedgehog game and a new version of Frogger.

The subscription service is scheduled to launch this fall and users can learn more about it in the video posted on Apple's YouTube channel, which can be viewed above.

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