Apparently they've made a Wolverine video game

And big surprise, it's a tie-in in to the upcoming Hugh Jackman film (now playing on a Web site near you). Here's a trailer of the game:

Anyway, a lot of the big video game sites have taken a look at the game and are offering previews. What were their initial impressions? Click on the jump to find out.

The second of the two areas we played was the interior of the Weapon X facility. This scene was Wolverine's enraged escape from captivity. We had to take out dozens of guards (while trying not to hit explosive objects), fight genetically engineered giants (these were almost exactly like the earlier Golem in terms of how they're fought), and use feral senses to escape the labyrinthine compound. Deflecting bullets with Logan's newly acquired adamantium claws was helpful -- and fun -- and we found his spinning attacks worked nicely in the cramped hallways.


Raven Software says it's excited to get a chance to make a "true to form" Wolverine game. Well, we're excited to say we played just that. Heck, we're even more excited about it than the film on which it's based, and that's saying a lot.

Visually, the game is surprisingly raw.

When Wolverine attacks his claws slip through flesh, muscle and bone leaving severed limbs, heads and punctured bodies. When attacked, bullets tear off chunks of Wolverine's clothing, punch holes in his flesh, eventually expose muscle or vertebrae. Slowly those injuries rewind, becoming flesh wounds and then disappearing. His shirt only reappears when he levels up

In a plot line that parallels and expands on the origin story from the upcoming summer blockbuster, you'll follow Logan as he hops around timelines, from the pre-adamantium days to his time doing black-ops missions for Weapon X and dealing with his relationship with Victor Creed (aka Sabretooth). Along the way, you'll fight tons of enemies bent on taking down Wolverine with extreme prejudice.


Impressive action sequences and fun boss battles are great, but you'll spend most of your time in the game taking down heavily armed lackeys. Good thing, then, that the basic controls of the game are easy to learn and satisfying. Basic claw attacks are controlled with the X button and strong attacks with the A button. You can grab opponents with the B button and perform extra-brutal execution kills by holding the Y button and then pressing it again at the right time. You block with the left trigger and execute rage powers (more on those in a bit) by pressing the right trigger and then a corresponding face button.

I have to say, I wasn't the least bit interested in this game, as I tend to loathe all movie-tie-in games, but those are three rather positive impressions.

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