Ape Entertainment picks up Free Mars

A while back, I recommended a stylish new webcomic called The Sisters Grimm, noting that creators Dave Pauwels and Nicolas R. Giacondino seemed to be starting off on solid ground. Indeed, the webcomic, now retitled Free Mars, has been proceeding at the stately pace of one page a week for the past year and a half, and Pawels and Giacondino have done a nice job of building up their vision of a rebel girl band in 2339 (although they use some odd slang—the meanings are usually self-evident, but a glossary would be helpful).

Yesterday, Ape Entertainment announced that they have become "ownership partners" in Free Mars and will be publishing the graphic novel edition in July. The graphic novel will also be available via iVerse's Comics + iOS app, which raises the question of whether Free Mars will continue to be available as a free webcomic. I checked in with Pauwels, and he cleared that up, saying, "The free webcomic will definitely continue with weekly updates and that content will be the lion's share of the print graphic novel.  But for the loyal webcomic readers, we'll have additional material in the print version, including a mini-prequel story and some other original material." That's a great idea, adding some value to the print comic, and it will be interesting to see if the audience they built up with the webcomic will flock to the print version as well.

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