'APE Aftermath' party set for Saturday night in SFO

From the desk of AiT/Planet Lar publisher Larry Young:

Official Press Release

After a con, many people write me email to say to me, "Hey, why were you ignoring me at that show?"

I respond, "Did I see you there?"

"No," they say.

"Did you see me?"

"Yeah," they say. "You were at your booth/on a panel about graphic novels/drinking at the bar/walking out of a restaurant."

"Did you stop me or otherwise introduce yourself to me?"

"Um, no," they ALWAYS say.

I want to scream WELL I WASN'T IGNORING YOU THEN, WAS I? I DIDN'T KNOW WHO YOU WERE, IDJIT! But I don't, because that's just pointless. "Well, introduce yourself to me next time, and we'll rap." That's about as nice as I can put it.

So I was over at James Sime's shop, Isotope, yesterday, and he told me people online were giving him a hard time about not being invited to last year's APE AFTERMATH. Telling him how they had heard it was the best Saturday night party of the show. Mad because they missed it.

"What can I do?" James said. "I can't individually invite everyone to the party and to the Isotope Award for Excellence in Minicomics gala presentation ceremony."

"I can," I said. So here it is. If you don't know about the party, it's not James' fault. Feel free to tell your readership.

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