APE '13 | Nilsen's 'Rage of Poseidon' to debut this weekend

Drawn and Quarterly has announced its debuts and signing schedule for this weekend's Alternative Press Expo, which will be your first opportunity to buy the newest book from APE special guest Anders Nilsen (Big Questions).

Nilsen will be on hand to sign copies of Rage of Poseidon, an 80-page hardcover "accordion book" that is literally "super long."

"Anders has always created pretty epic works in the past, and I think Rage of Poseidon really falls into that category," D+Q's Tracy Hurren said in July at Comic-Con International. "It combines his interest in philosophy and religion and myth, which we saw in Big Questions, in a style that's more similar to what's seen in 'Monologues for Calculating the Destiny of Black Holes,' although you can see the style's a little divergent from that, too, using silhouettes with very sparse backgrounds."

Rage of Poseidon will hit stores at the end of this month. Other books D+Q will have at the show include art spiegelman's Co-Mix, the latest Palookaville by Seth and Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story by Peter Bagge. See the complete list at the publisher's website.

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