APE '10 | Sparkplug, Omaha Perez, Cartoon Art Museum, The Devastator and more!

The Alternative Press Expo, or APE, is coming up this weekend in San Francisco. The show runs Saturday and Sunday at the Concourse on 8th Street. This year’s special guests include Daniel Clowes, Lynda Barry, Tony Millionaire, Renee French, Rich Koslowski, Megan Kelso and Tommy Kovac. In addition to an exhibitor’s room packed with comics of all shapes and sizes, they also have all sorts of panels and even a “speed dating” event to help writers find artists (and vice versa).

One thing I don't think I've mentioned yet is that this year they've added a full slate of creator workshops, where you can learn how to draw facial expressions with Raina Telgemeier and market a comic that's easier to read than to describe with Larry Marder, among many others. In other words, APE isn't just about talking about and buying comics, it's also about learning to create and sell them yourself.

Prior to the show, I’ll be posting what various companies and creators have planned for APE. If you’d like to be included, email me the details on where you’ll be, what you’ll be selling and all that good stuff. (I'd send them quickly, though, since the show starts on Saturday and I'll likely just do one more round-up tomorrow).

And now let's see what folks have planned ...


Sparkplug Comics

Sparkplug Comics will have many creators and books at table #118:

Koyama Press

Koyama Press will be at APE for the first time at table #728 with Michael DeForge:

We'll have new books by Tin Can Forest - 'Baba Yaga and the Wolf', Aaron Leighton's 'Spirit City Toronto' and 'Wowee Zonk 3'. Michael DeForge will have two brand new prints . Mickey Zacchilli will be joining us with her new zine too! There will be other Koyama Press titles and this is your last chance to pick up LOSE!

Puna Press

Puna Press will be on hand with two new books:

The San Diego based publisher Puna Press is appearing at APE for the second year in a row. Puna Press has found the bay area to be a natural audience for its books, which are known for combining art and poetry, and art prints.

Barzilla and Other Psalms by Edwin Decker, the award-winning author of San Diego CityBeat’s “Sordid Tales” column, and Less by the award-winning artist Ted Washington, are two of the books featured at the APE from Puna Press.

Omaha Perez

You can find comics creator Omaha Perez at table #304:

I will have a small selection of original art for sale as well as books and comics, including this little comic which will only be available directly from me. PITCHES features my character designs and teaser art for a project with legendary comic writer JM DeMatteis, a scene from a sci-fi project with writer Richard Raleigh, plus scenes from HOLMES VS. HOLMES (yes, a sequel!) and my latest project, THE DRUDE. Please swing by and pick one up!

The Couscous Collective

The Couscous Collective, which includes Shaenon K. Garrity and Andrew Farago, will have its first anthology, Forest, at the show:

Conundrum Press

Robin McConnell will be at table #312 with a selection of books from Conundrum Press, including the debuting Inkstuds, a collection of interviews from the radio show of the same name.

Dub Comics

Jon Vinson of Dub Comics will have a new graphic novel, Edge of the Unknown, at booth #437:

EDGE is the story of Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle getting drawn into investigating a series of brutal murders, in 1920's Hollywood. Inspired by their real-life friendship, it's a hard-boiled mystery with a horrifying twist. It also "guest stars" H.P. Lovecraft, (since he actually did ghost write a story for Houdini in 1924 [EDGE is filled with tons of fun historical reference like this]).

Brian Anderson

Brian Andersen, creator of So Super Duper, will have a new comic, Friend of Dorothy, at table #603:

The One Comic Book that Should Make San Francisco Boycott APE!

Russ Kazmierczak, Jr., creator of Amazing Arizona Comics, is planning to shut down APE with his book:

Every year, independent comic book artists storm San Francisco with the dream that their work will be discovered and adored by fans, but one artist already accepts that his comic book will most likely be scorned and ridiculed, as well it should be.

Russ Kazmierczak, Jr., the writer and illustrator behind Amazing Arizona Comics, is bringing his unabashedly Arizona-oriented work to San Francisco, one of the most vocal cities against the Grand Canyon State's immigration bill, SB 1070.

“When I moved back to Phoenix this year, I had no idea I'd be in the cross hairs of a nationwide boycott!” Kazmierczak explains. “I created Amazing Arizona Comics to help process the craziness going on around me.”

The first two issues of Amazing Arizona Comics are available now and will be on sale at the K.O. Comix booth #729 at APE. These issues star characters like Speed Cameron and June Monsoon, who are super deputies called “Arizonauts” in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's posse.

“Sheriff Joe has been pretty secretive about his financial records lately,” Kazmierczak continues. “Who says he isn't hiding a secret super deputy program?”

Ironically, Kazmierczak isn't a fan of attracting controversy, as evidenced by his concern for the future of the Alternative Press Expo. “I'm from Arizona, and I'm bringing a comic book about Arizona to APE. So, San Franciscans boycotting Arizona shouldn't come to APE! I hope I don't end up shutting down the event forever!”

Semantink Publishing

Benjamin Glibert, director of publishing for Semantink Publishing, said they would have copies of Mythoi, among other stuuf, at booth #440:

Semantink will be at booth 440 this weekend with plenty of fun for anyone that stops by. MYTHOI writer James Ninness and cover artist Kevin Warwick will be signing both Saturday and Sunday as well as Joe Pezzula, Marcel Losada and Daniel Touchet, who all work on our weekly web-comic, THE UNDERGROUNDS.

We will have merchandise aplenty, including our newly released MYTHOI TPB, as well as stickers, T-shirts, and posters. Everyone that buys something will be entered into a raffle to win a limited edition MYTHOI laser engraving.

The Devastator

Geoffrey and Amanda, publishers of The Devastator, will have volume two of their humor anthology at the show:

Lovesick Robot Press

Lovesick Robot Press will have "homespun comics that don't suck" at the show:

The Sinister Truth

A bit about "The Sinister Truth: MKULTRA". A Cold War satire of the CIA's mind control program of the '50's, this 102 page black-and-white graphic novel chronicles the clandestine agency's attempts to "remove" Fidel Castro from power with a bungling Manchurian Candidate and an assortment of assassination equipment straight out of ACME: exploding cigars, poisoned wet suits and a plan to dose the dictator with LSD before he was to give a speech on live television. The CIA was also trying to make Castro's beard fall out during the same broadcast. All of this lunacy is based on declassified documents sourced directly from the CIA courtesy of FOIA (some of the real smoking guns are included in the back of the book!).

The Bride

Artist George Webber will have his latest print at the show:

"The Bride" is the latest Limited Edition Numbered Print by artist George Webber of No Cash Comics to be offered at this year's APE Expo.It's well know that George is no stranger to Pin-up Girls, Monsters and Lowbrow Hot Rod art, as any one of his zines, sketch books or prints will prove.But this year the defining lines of those genres are starting to blur more than ever and "The Bride" is the first in a series collector prints that will be a new high for the artist.

You can find George and his Prints and Comics at the No Cash Comics APE table #737

Sean Dietrich

Sean Dietrich will be at booth #738 with three new books:

I'm currently on tour from San Diego promoting my 3 new books 'Bubbles from Atlantis' (which debuted on Amazon.com at #3 in the South region), 'I Brought the Gutter' (my 180pg art book detailing over 700 live art shows I've done), and 'The Fruits of Our Labor', and will have copies of the books for purchase as well as prints, originals, shirts and sketches.

Cartoon Art Museum

San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum will host a party Saturday night at 8 p.m., featuring several APE special guests:

The Cartoon Art Museum hosts a fun-filled evening of Storytime! and Graphic Details on Saturday, October 16, 2010 from 8:00-11:00pm in celebration of the 2010 Alternative Press Expo (APE). Special guests include featured artists from the Cartoon Art Museum’s Storytime! exhibition Dave Roman (Astronaut Academy) and Raina Telgemeier (Smile!). Also appearing will be Amy Martin (The Single Girls), whose work appears in the current Small Press Spotlight. Popular syndicated cartoonist Keith Knight (The Knight Life, The K Chronicles), cartoonists Jon “Bean” Hastings (Smith Brown Jones: Alien Accountant, Haunted Mansion) and Rich Koslowski (Three Geeks, Geeksville), will also be in attendance. An updated list of party guests can be found at the Museum’s booth at the Alternative Press Expo. This party also celebrates the release of Keith Knight’s new Knight Life book, Chivalry Ain’t Dead.

Admission for the event is on a sliding scale, from $5 to $20, with guests encouraged to donate whatever they can to support the Cartoon Art Museum.

All proceeds from this reception will benefit The Cartoon Art Museum, a non-profit educational museum dedicated to the collection, preservation and display of original cartoon art in all its forms.

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