APE '10 | Photos from the floor

I've still got plenty to say about the Alternative Press Expo, which wrapped up today, but for now I thought I'd share a few photos ...


Here's the booth for Family Man creator Dylan Meconis:

Here's Barry Deutsch, creator of Hereville:

Barry came down from Portland to promote his graphic novel about a "dragon-fighting 11-year-old Orthodox Jewish girl." I didn't buy a copy, as I ordered a copy off Amazon maybe a week or so ago based on the recommendations from Brigid, Michael and past What Are You Reading? guest Robin Brenner. We did chat about the graphic novel, though, and his deal with Abrams. He said he was sitting next to Scott McCloud at Stumptown, and McCloud's agent overheard his sales pitch. It wasn't long after that that he had a book deal with Abrams.

Oh, he was also very handsome and well groomed. Not that he asked me to say that or anything.

Next up are two pictures I rather like. Here's Tony Millionaire drinking a beer:

And Renee French acting like she's smoking a cigarette.

I started thinking about what other vices or sins I could ask creators to mimic in their photos, but held back from asking Vanessa Davis to pretend like she was cheating on her taxes or something:

And finally, here's Daniel Clowes, who, as I mentioned yesterday, took part in a great panel and had tons of people standing in line for him afterward. Dan Nadel, who moderated the panel, started it off by asking Clowes to pick his favorite from a pair of choices -- for instance, Curt Swan Superman or Wayne Boring Superman? Cracked or Mad? Don Martin or Al Jaffe? Wally Wood or Jack Kirby? It usually led Clowes into relating a tale about one (or both) of the choices, whether it was about working for Cracked or going to Steve Ditko's apartment to have the artist slam the door in his face. I know CBR will have a panel report up sometime soon:

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