APE '09 | A few more items to add to your shopping list ...

The Alternative Press Expo, or APE, kicks off at 11 a.m. tomorrow at The Concourse in San Francisco. Here are a few more updates that I almost missed thanks to an overzealous spam filter ... my apologies for not getting these up earlier.

First up is Lee Post, an illustrator who is traveling down here to the Bay Area all the way from Anchorage, Alaska -- the land of "Sarah Palin, meth shacks, and aerial elk-massacres," he said in his email.

"My friend Pat Race and I will be coming down from Alaska to take part this year at booth #549," Post writes. "I've been down the last four years, hanging out with Jon Adams of Truth Serum fame, but I've finally made the jump to booth owner this year."

Post will be selling The Best of Your Square Life as well as a new mini-comic he did for 24 Hour Comics Day called In Alaska Everyone Has a Beard. He'll also have this APE-themed print:

Post says that Race is an illustrator from Juneau and is part of the collective Alaska Robotics, who do webcomics, T-shirts, and video shorts, one of which was recently featured on BoingBoing.


Next up is Russ Kazmierczak, Jr. of K.O. Comix, who you can find at table 510. They'll have the self-published Dog Town by Brent Otey, a post-apocalyptic dogs vs. cats western sci-fi epic, and Karaoke Comics #1 by Kazmierczak, an anthology featuring fictional and biographical tales inspired by karaoke -- both hot off the press! Their usual assortment of superhero comics and fanzines will be available, too. Russ has more info on other stuff he'll have on hand at his blog.


And finally, I mentioned the other day that Jamaica Dyer is a special guest and will be hanging out at the SLG table, but she sent over a few more details on what she'll be up to ...

I saw your post about APE, and wanted to say hi! I've been going to APE for about 7 years (a wee teenager when I started) sharing tables with friends to sell my mini-comics. This year is super exciting because my first graphic novel is coming out! I'll be at the Slave Labor booth signing copies of the book fresh-off-the-press and have some home-made wallets and art prints, I'm on a few panels, and I'm a special guest. Very exciting!

I think her email probably encapsulates everything I love about APE -- folks making comics with their friends who go on to be one of the show's special guests.

Here's the trailer for her new book, Weird Fishes, which you can buy at the show tomorrow:

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