AOL And Former Disney Boss Team For New Web Dramas

AOL is getting into the original drama content game in a big way, with the news that it is partnering with Vuguru, the new company of former Disney chairman Michael Eisner, for at least six 90 minute dramas to stream online.

The move is part of an AOL plan to increase its video content by bringing in producers like Eisner's company, according to AOL chairman Tim Armstrong:

Until now, there’s been a gap in the online video consumer experience between user-generated video and the high production values of TV and film. In joining forces with Vuguru and other premier studios and production companies, AOL is uniquely able to bridge that gap by bringing top quality, original video to the millions of users who come to our site each day. The magical combination of AOL's impressive reach with one of the most visionary content creators will help us become a market leader in this largely untapped space.

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