Anyone up for a game of 'Edgy Comics Bingo'?

Just in time for New Comics Day, Cathy Leamy has posted her "Edgy Comics Bingo" card, which is part game, part commentary and all ... fun for the entire family? Okay, maybe not that last part.

While many of the tropes depicted on the card are all too familiar -- "Whores Who Need Saving," "Thinly Veiled Real People" and "Whatever Fetish Was On Boing Boing Last Month" leap out -- I've concluded I may be reading the wrong (or is that right?) comics. For instance, I can't recall any that included "Things Going Up Butts" or "Gay Overcompensating." That said, I've seen enough instances of "Knifemurder" -- which presumably includes swords and/or tridents through the back -- and "'splodemurder" in comics to last a couple of lifetimes.

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