Antiope: Robin Wright's Wonder Woman Amazon, Explained

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Although she was a relatively minor supporting character in the original Wonder Woman comics, Antiope rose in cultural prominence following the release of 2017's Wonder Woman. As the Amazonian aunt of Diana, Antiope was one of the most memorable aspects of the film and even became Wonder Woman's equivalent of Uncle Ben.

Now, CBR is taking a look back at the history of the comic version of Antiope and how she was transformed into a more major character in the DCEU.

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Gifts Of The Amazons

Like all Amazons, Antiope is blessed with enhanced abilities from the Greek Gods. In the Post-Crisis continuity, her and the other Amazons were created by a group of five Gods (Athena, Artemis, Demeter, Hestia, and Aphrodite) from the souls of the women killed by men's hatred across human history. They were also blessed by these five, giving the Amazons superhuman attributes. This includes enhanced intelligence, speed, strength, and endurance.

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She is also functionally immortal. Living on Themyscira, she requires no sustenance. If she does not receive a fatal wound, she could live in good health for eons. On top of all these blessings, Antiope became one of the military leaders of the Amazons. She trained with the soldiers, becoming an especially gifted commander and warrior in her own right. Although she served her sister Queen Hippolyta, she was held up as one of the main leaders of the Amazons and second in command to her sister.

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Athena's Aid

Antiope was actually introduced briefly into the Pre-Crisis DC Universe as a villain, attempting to overthrow Queen Hippolyta. In the Post-Crisis DC Universe, however, she became the sister of Hippolyta and one of her most trusted allies. When Heracles and his men came to Themyscira to claim the girdle from Hippolyta, the Amazons attempted peace with the visitors. Antiope fell in love with the mythological figure Theseus, one of Heracles' men. Those men tricked the Amazons and ravaged the city. After the Amazons were freed, Antiope led half the Amazons on the warpath for revenge, abandoning Themyscira and forsaking the Greek Gods.

This version of Antiope would eventually let go of her vengeful mission when she was reunited with Theseus. The pair even wed and had a son, Hippolytus. But the machinations of Circe led to her death at the hands of Theseus' first wife, Ariadne. Antiope's eldest daughter, Phthia, blamed Theseus for this and led the remaining Amazons with her to found Bana-Mighdall, the secret Amazonian city. Although this version of Antiope died, a new version was recently introduced in Wonder Woman #74. A general for the Amazons who'd been separated from the rest of her people by the death of Ares, she was found by Wonder Woman and helped lead a resistance to reclaim Themyscira from Grail.

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Aunt Antiope

The new, modern version of the character only has a few appearances so far, but she's clearly indebted to the live-action version of the character. Played by Robin Wright in 2017's Wonder Woman, Antiope is established quickly as one of the chief Amazons on the island of Themyscira. While Hippolyta wants to protect the young Diana, her aunt wants to train her to be a warrior. Ultimately Antiope is successful, secretly molding an eager Diana into one of their greatest fighters. This forges a strong relationship between the pair.

Antiope is among the Amazons who respond to the German invasion of the island. Trying to track down American agent Steve Trevor, the invading force quickly escalates the battle with the Amazons. Diana is distracted throughout the battle trying to protect Steve. Although Antiope does well for herself in the battle, she's forced to sacrifice herself to save Diana. Taking a bullet meant for her niece, Antiope dies from the wound. Her death motivates Diana. Her mother even gives her the tiara worn by Antiope into battle, as a keepsake when Diana leaves for man's world.

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