Anticipating January's 'Lady Killer' from Rich, Jones and Allred

As a longtime fan of both writer Jamie S. Rich and artist Joëlle Jones, especially when the two are collaborating, I was overjoyed to learn this January will mark the launch of their new Dark Horse miniseries Lady Killer. But Monday I became aware of an incredible creative detail I had previously overlooked: The amazing colorist Laura Allred, who typically only has time in her busy schedule to work with husband Mike Allred, will be coloring Jones.

Evidence of Allred's coloring style can be seen in the cover already released by Dark Horse. In the interim, Rich and Jones is generating buzz and anticipation for their dark comedy with a blog devoted to Lady Killer.

What I'm truly enjoying about this blog is how Jones and Rich share some of the creators, characters and stories that helped serve as inspiration for the project. What follows are a few of the recent sources of they've shared.

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