Anti-Semetic Cartoon Contest Update

Official Press Release

The Israeli Anti-Semitic Cartoons Contest (IASCC), announced on www.boomka.org one month ago, has been a great success. The announcement reached hundreds of blogs and news sites within two days, and from there to dozens of newspapers, TV networks and radio all over the world, from Russia to Brazil.

Thousands of e-mail messages arrived from Jews, Jew-lovers and humor-lovers, and around 150 cartoons have been submitted.

Now our honorable judges will choose the winning cartoon, awarding its creator the sum of 500$, collected entirely through donations on our website.

The Jury members are:

Art Spiegelman - American Jewish cartoonist and comics creator, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for "Maus" his graphic novel about the Holocaust.

Professor Edna Shavit - Israeli Gal Emeritus Theatre Arts Professor, Tel-Aviv University, award winning theatre director and a master of humor and satire.

Amos Biderman - Israeli Haaretz daily newspaper political cartoonist.

Uri Fink - Israeli Comics creator and cartoonist, creator of the successful long running comics strip "Zbeng".

Meir Wieseltier - Israeli Poet, winner of the Israel Prize, the country's highest honor for lifetime achievement.

The Exhibition

The initiators, Amitai Sandy and Eyal Zusman, in collaboration with curator and producer Doron Polak, have begun work on the exhibition which will conclude the project. Galleries and institutions from all over the world have expressed interest in the exhibition, and international media will cover the opening, which will take place in Tel-Aviv in a few weeks.The two initiators are now seeking further sponsorship for the project, in hope of indeed enabling the exhibition to travel the world.

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