Anti-Hitler strip from wartime 'Beano' goes up for auction

An original 1943 comic strip from The Beano making fun of Adolf Hitler will go up for auction later this month after being rescued from a dumpster in the 1960s.

The Daily Express reports that the strip was created by cartoonist Dudley Watkins for The Beano #219 as part of a propaganda campaign to raise British spirits during World War II.

In the strip, "Lord Snooty" characters Snitchy and Snatchy build a fighter plane from scrap metal, only to have it stolen by Hitler and Herman Goering. But when the plan crashes, Hitler and Goerning are fired back to Germany from a cannon as one of the characters shouts, "Toodleooh, Herr Hitler! Happy landing, you old rotter, you!”

The current owner discovered the art discarded in the 1960s outside the Dundee, Scotland, offices of publisher DC Thomson. The 21-inch by 15-inch page is expected to sell for about $1,640.

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