Anthrax's Ian Goes to Hell with The Demon

When DC Comics unleashed Anthrax founder and guitarist Scott Ian on a Lobo project in 2009, the powerhouse publisher found itself with a surprise hit on its hands.

On Wednesday of this week, Ian announced via his Twitter account, he'll soon be back again working in DCU, this time writing Etrigan the Demon.

CBR News spoke exclusively with Ian who revealed that the project will be not unlike "Lobo: Highway to Hell," as it will be released as a two-part Prestige Format series and New York Times best-selling creator Sam Kieth ("Arkham Asylum: Madness", "The Maxx") will provide art and covers.

Admittedly very excited about taking on The Demon, Ian told CBR News, "I've been a fan of Etrigan since the 1970s. And when I think about the fact that I'm writing a Jack Kirby character, I pretty much freak the Hell out."

Ian told CBR News he and Kieth have already started work on the first issue and that's he's thrilled with where the project is heading.

"I'm working with my man Sam Kieth again, and the pages he's sent are sick. Sam is the man," said Ian. "As far as the story goes, there's some ancient mythology at play and the very fabric of reality is at stake."

To which Ian added ominously, "There's gonna be a lot of violence. Because let's face it, Etrigan is a demon."

Inspired by a "Prince Valiant" comic strip in which the title character dressed as a demon, Jack Kirby created Etrigan in 1972. The hellish hero made his first appearance in "The Demon" #1.

Etrigan was forever bonded to Jason Blood by Merlin when the wizard from King Arthur's court was unable to summon the demon's powers himself. Blood magically transforms into Etrigan upon uttering the phrase, "Gone! Gone! The form of man; Rise, the Demon Etrigan!" Most notably, The Demon was last seen as a supporting character in "Blackest Night" and "Brightest Day."

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