Anthony Mackie Is Ready for "Civil War" - And Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther

Now that the first "Captain America: Civil War" trailer has been released, Anthony Mackie wants you to know what's cool about the upcoming film beyond those initial, adrenaline-inspiring images.

"You know, the great thing about it is that I feel like what the trailer showed more than anything is Marvel has kind of infused action movies with acting," Mackie, who stars as Sam Wilson -- better known as The Falcon -- in the third Cap film, told CBR News.

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"Not like subdued, brooding acting," he continued. "They're giving actors an opportunity to flourish and do the things you would do in another type of movie. And now they're putting that into superhero movies, which is amazing, because it makes you relate to the characters."

"The reason we love Captain America so much is because we can relate to him," the actor added. "The reason we love Tony Stark so much is because we relate to him. They make him human. It's hard to love a billionaire, philanthropist playboy that hates his life. It's like, if I had a billion dollars and I was a philanthropist and a playboy, my life would be dope! I'd get to hang out with Morgan Freeman everyday. I love my life. So it's interesting when you see those characters just how much fun it is to put yourself in there."

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Mackie said he's also thrilled that his friend Chadwick Boseman is making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as the Black Panther in the film. "I've known Chad for a long time," he said. "I was very happy when I heard he got cast as Black Panther, because I knew he'd do the work to bring that character to life. It's not so much about two black actors being in a movie at the same time. It's more so about the right black actor getting that role to do the work to make it timeless, and Chadwick is that guy."

Asked if he gets to share some fun scenes with Paul Rudd after the crowd-pleasing Ant-Man/Falcon dust-up in "Ant-Man," Mackie laughed, offering, "I'm waiting on my rematch!"

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