"Ant" Sells Out First Two Issues

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Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- A fitting debut for the newest Image superhero, both issues #1 and #2 of ANT have sold out at Diamond! Additionally, each issue was overprinted and overshipped to retailers.

Series creator, co-writer and artist Mario Gully enthuses "It's really great to know that the new series is doing so well! I want to thank the retailers, the fans and all the comic sites on the web for supporting the book. Without them none of this will be possible. It means a lot to me to be a comic creator, I really work hard to try to give fans a enjoyable comic and I'm glad that people are noticing."

ANT is the story of Hannah Washington, woman who has lost everything she once held dear. Imagine waking up from that long, dark nightmare to find yourself confined to a mental institution, your shattered and being told that all your memories are the result of a coping mechanism described as a "juvenile power fantasy." Or are they?

"We're all really gratified to see ANT #1 and #2 sell out," says Publisher Erik Larsen. "The response to ANT has been overwhelming - it is a throwback to the kind of explosive in-you-face Image superhero comics of old!"

Marc Hammond, co-writer of ANT, is equally gratified, "All I can say is...WOW. It has been a fantastic and humbling experience to be on this side of the creative process. I'd like to thank Mario for allowing me to take part in this, Image Comics who has been spectacular every step of the way, and of course, every person who has picked up a copy of ANT. They are why we do what we do, our goal being to produce the best material we can, and it's all for them."

ANT is an ongoing monthly series, with ANT #3 (AUG051666) available now for orders and scheduled to be in stores November 9th.

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