"Ant-Man's" Connection To The Marvel Cinematic Universe Explored With New Images

With the latest of their superhero special issues, Empire Magazine have put Marvel Studios' "Ant-Man" under the microscope. And while that means a new slate of stills from the film have cropped up across the web (see below), the cover story has also revealed some new information on how the movie will synch up with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (via ComicBookMovie)

First and foremost, with a new Avengers lineup in place, the magazine asked director Peyton Reed whether any of them -- such as Anthony Mackie's Falcon -- would be popping up in the story of Scott Lang. "That's classified information. That's buried. It's possible," Reed replied.

For behind-the-scenes info, it appears one of the major differences between removed director Edgar Wright's take on the character and the version we'll be seeing on July 17 was a slightly darker tone more in line with the other Marvel Studios movies.

"For one thing Marvel have let me explore the dark side of Hank Pym, this tortured, guilt-ridden guy," Reed said of his changes to the screenplay. "I love that this is a mentor/pupil story, but with a fucked up pupil and a really fucked up mentor."

"I think the most defining difference between the two scripts was that Edgar's didn't take itself as seriously," actress Evangeline Lilly added. "It was fun and silly and brilliant irreverent - a romp from beginning to end, in classic English fashion. Whereas where we've gotten to is so much more American. There's tons of levity, but just as much emotion."

Check out the rest of the images from the feature below, and stay tuned to CBR for more on "Ant-Man."

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