Ant-Man Writer Latest to Address Scorsese's Marvel Comments


Following Martin Scorsese's recent op-ed in which the director clarified his view on Marvel films, yet another contributor to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has made a statement defending the work of Marvel Studios. Adam Mckay -- who co-wrote 2015's Ant-Man -- is now Hollywood's latest addition to its team of Marvel movie defenders.

"I wrote one, Ant-Man, and I love ‘em," McKay said of Marvel films in an interview with Deadline. "I felt like, c’mon Marty, what are you doing? You’re an all-time hero, and some of those movies are really good. To anyone who disses superhero movies, I always say, watch Thor: Ragnarok. That movie is awesome."

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The controversy surrounding Martin Scorsese and the MCU initially began when the director referred to the films as not being cinema. As his statement began to quickly gain traction, the director continued to speak out against the superhero genre and was even joined by fellow director Francis Ford Coppola. But it wasn't long until other members of Hollywood, with many having worked on Marvel movies themselves, began to either speak out against the directors or choose to side with them.

Aside from Adam Mckay, other members of the film industry who have weighed in on the controversy include Patton Oswalt, Viola Davis and Avengers: Endgame editor Jeffrey Ford.

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