Ant-Man and The Wasp TV Spot Reveals Scott Lang's Master Plan

With a little over a month until Ant-Man and The Wasp opens in theaters, new promos for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel have begun to emerge. The latest TV spot reveals new footage of Scott Lang detailing his master plan to Hope van Dyne and Hank Pym.

"If you're gonna do something right, you make a list," Lang tells his unamused partners. "One, we have to team up. Two, we're gonna have to fight Ghost. Three, we're gonna track down Ghost. That seems like it should be part of 2: 2A."

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The clip continues to show new footage of Ant-Man confronting Ghost directly, with disastrous results for the size-shifting superhero. "Oh, and we've gotta save the world! That's major," Lang adds to the skeptical van Dyne before the duo leap into action.

With van Dyne suiting up as the high-flying Wasp, at least Ant-Man won't be taking on Ghost and saving the world by himself this time around.

Directed by Peyton Reed, Ant-Man and The Wasp­ stars Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Bobby Cannavale, Michael Peña, Tip “T.I.” Harris, Judy Greer, David Dastmalchian, Michael Douglas, Michelle Pfeiffer, Laurence Fishburne, Hannah John-Kamen, Randall Park, and Walton Goggins. The film opens July 6.

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