Ant-Man Was Almost on Team Stark in Captain America: Civil War

scott lang very nearly found himself on a different side of the law in captain america: civil war.

in the 2016 captain america sequel, ant-man sides with steve rogers' faction of heroes gone rogue, going up against tony stark and the sokovia accords. in an appearance on kevin smith and marc bernardin's podcast, fatman on batman, civil war screenwriters christopher markus and stephen mcfeely revealed that an early draft of the script saw the size-changing superhero siding with iron man instead of fighting him.

"we had a lot of early options of where the pieces could go.[tony stark] would recruit somebody else. he probably recruits ant-man, i think would be that idea," mcfeely reveled about the sequence where a desperate stark is looking to bolster his ranks to bring in cap. "we had a section where you could recruit somebody, right?"

in the final final film, stark travels to queens to recruit spider-man but the writers reveal the original scene went very differently.

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"[tony] actually went to san francisco," markus added, referring to scott lang's california setting. "it would not have been as cool."

"i believe [scott] was watching his daughter play soccer," mcfeely explained. "it wasn’t very good."

plans for stark to recruit ant-man were immediately scrapped when marvel studios acquired the cinematic licensing to include spider-man in the mcu.

"[marvel studios president kevin feige] came into the room and we were way down the road -- drafts, i think -- and he said, ‘you might have to change one thing.’ markus recalled. "and then he went [makes spider-man web-slinging hand] like that."

while this last-minute change necessitated rewrites by markus and mcfeely, they felt spider-man's late addition into the story ultimately improved the film.

"this is the best pain in the ass i’ve ever had," admitted markus.

audiences can next see ant-man back in action in ant-man and the wasp out on july 6 in theaters everywhere.

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