'Ant-Man' Star Paul Rudd Addresses His 'Surreal' Casting

Paul Rudd is one of the newest faces of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, playing Scott Lang in director Edgar Wright's upcoming Ant-Man. The actor has been fairly quiet since news broke of his casting, but he offered a few scattered thoughts in a new interview with Flicks and the City.

"It's all just kind of starting, so it's really cool. I'm very excited about it," he said. As for how he came on board the project? "I knew Edgar. I'd been friends with him for many years. The whole thing that's actually happened, that I got the part, is kind of surreal. It's still sinking in over these last several months."

Near the end of the interview, Rudd was asked to weigh in on Rashida Jones' casting (Marvel hasn't announced that the Parks and Recreation actress is part of the movie, but it's been rumored she has a role). He only offered that he's aware of the rumors, "and even then, I don't quite follow it."

"I let those powers that be announce what they want to announce when they want to announce it," he added. "A lot of what you hear isn't true."

Also starring Michael Douglas as Hank Pym, Ant-Man arrives July 17, 2015

Check out the full exchange in the video below, with the Ant-Man chatter beginning at the 3:10 mark.

(via CBM)

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