Ant-Man sizes up Team Cap with new Hot Toys 'Civil War' figure

Although Hot Toys has already given us a tiny glimpse of Scott Lang -- seriously, he was riding one of Hawkeye's arrowheads -- the toymaker has now unveiled its Captain America: Civil War 1/6th-scale Ant-Man action figure.

On the positive side, the helmet and highly detailed costume look amazing. On the negative side, the newly developed head sculpt doesn't so much resemble Paul Rudd as it does Ben Affleck (granted, that's probably not a "negative" for Affleck fans). Hopefully, Hot Toys will be able to work that out by the time of release.

Also on the plus side: Ant-Man comes with a 2.8-centimeter minifigure. There are also interchangeable palms, and a display stand, naturally.

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