<i>Ant-Man</i> Gets 2015 Release Date

Considering that an Ant-Man movie has been in development since at least 2006, it's understandable that, even after director Edgar Wright's test reel was shown at Comic-Con International, a lot of fans said they'd reserve their excitement until the Marvel project actually receives a release date. Well, that day has arrived.

Disney this morning staked out Nov. 6, 2015, making Ant-Man the second Marvel film of that year, following The Avengers on May 1. The studio also announced that Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World will be released in 3D.

Despite that test reel, which basically showed how Wright would depict the hero's abilities, little is known about the director's plans for Ant-Man. He has described the project as  “essentially a high-tech spy heist film with somebody with a very particular power,” with a level of comedy on par with that of Iron Man. “The idea is to make a high-concept genre film where it’s within another genre,” he said in 2010. “His suit and its power is the big gadget and it takes place in the real world. I just wanted to do something that was slightly different than the superhero origin film. I felt that between that and the various mad scientist, crazy doctor films that we’ve all seen, this would be a way into an origin that was slightly different.”

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