"Ant-Man" Film Takes Little Steps

For some time now, comic book movie fans have been asking, where is Ant-Man? The incredible shrinking hero is noticeably missing from Joss Whedon's "Avengers" lineup and although director Edgar Wright announced four years ago that he was going to write and direct an "Ant-Man" adaptation for Marvel Studios, no word has come on the progress of that project for some time. But worry not, Wright gave fans a small amount of hope for the small hero's big screen debut.

In an interview with 24 Frames, Wright said that with the international tour for "Scott Pilgrim vs the World" now over, his scheduled has opened up and allowed him to go back to the "Ant-Man" script for the first time in two years. Wright originally wrote a first draft in 2008, but left it untouched while working on "Pilgrim" and is just now getting around to working on a second draft with "Adventures of Tintin" collaborator Joe Cornish. The director also said that he recently had dinner with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige during which the two discussed the film.

Wright previously stated that he plans to approach the film with his usual offbeat manner, but plans to inject humor into "Ant-Man" without making it an outright comedy. He once again reaffirmed these plans, stating, "This one's not about the urgency of summer tentpoles and things going into production without a script. It's slightly different than that."

For now, plot details remain miniscule. But with Wright writing, expect "Ant-Man" continue to grow as time goes on.

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