Sorry, Loki, But Ant-Man Has the Greatest MCU Arc

Ant-Man and The Wasp

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many would argue that Loki's journey has been the most profound. His story of going from a petulant, selfish god to someone who gained redemption when he tried to kill his former employer, Thanos, in Avengers: Infinity War stands out, despite the retcon that the Mind Stone corrupted him in the first place and made him even more evil.

But while his about-face stands tall, especially on the heels of amazing performances from Tom Hiddleston since 2011's Thor, there's actually one Avenger who deserves the plaudits of being dubbed the character with the strongest arc in the MCU: Ant-Man.

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Ant Man Wasp Cassie Scott Lang

Now, while this may seem a comical choice at first, you need to really look at what Paul Rudd's Scott Lang has gone through after debuting in 2015's Ant-Man. There, we saw him as a bungling burglar turned ex-con, who then tried to reintegrate into society by working at Baskin-Robbins. It feels very relatable to the real world, as he's a man who quickly accepts that rehabilitation is what will get him closer to his daughter, Cassie. And, so, he selflessly goes about repairing their lives.

Scott doesn't care about where he works or the hassle from his ex-wife. He'll do anything to be with his daughter. Sadly, when things get tough, he ends up becoming a criminal again, trying to steal Hank Pym's suit. Of course, we all know this was Michael Douglas' character testing him to recruit him to steal his tech back from Yellowjacket, and while we may write this off as a regressive step, it's Scott once more trying to get the means to provide for Cassie. It's selfish, but it still comes from a good place, whereas Loki's motivations prior to Infinity War always came from him wanting power -- ergo why he hid Odin away at the end of The Dark World and in Ragnarok, and hid the fact he stole the Tesseract from Thor.

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The way Scott's life oscillates, though, feels like true redemption, with him becoming a superhero because he realizes if Yellowjacket isn't stopped, this could bring trouble home for Cassie and everyone he loves. Yet again, he tries to do the right thing, which paves the way for him joining Captain America in Civil War. He knows it's an illegal move, but ultimately Scott understands the bigger picture. If he doesn't step up and help he can't be a free superhero and safeguard his daughter's future.

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