Comic Legends: Did Ant-Man Nearly Get a 1990s 'Extreme' Makeover?

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Scott Lang almost got his own series in the 1990s, complete with an "extreme" costume makeover



Reader Jim S. wrote in to ask if it was true that Herb Trimpe gave Scott Lang a new "extreme" costume as part of a new Scott Lang Ant-Man series that was going to spin-off from the Fantastic Four.

Simply put, no.

I think Jim is just mis-construing something that Herb Trimpe once said about the new costume that he gave Ant-Man in an issue of Fantastic Four Unlimited. If you folks recall, Trimpe tried out a more modern style in the pages of Fantastic Four Unlimited and for years, people insisted that Marvel forced him to draw in that "Image" style, but I did a Comic Book Legends Revealed years ago where Trimpe insited to me that it was his idea. Of course, when all is said and done, whether a guy decides to do something on his own or whether Marvel specifically tells him to do it, I think the main point was that Trimpe knew that the writing was on the wall for him if he DIDN'T change his style. As he noted to me at the time, it is important to realize that this was the last time that he ever had a regular gig at Marvel, so it seems like a bit of a no-brainer, doesn't it? Change your style and or don't get work. You don't need an editor to TELL you to do it when it is obvious.

In any event, in Fantastic Four Unlimited #9 (by Roy Thomas and Herb Trimpe), Ant-Man (who was serving as a sort of de fact fourth member and science adviser in the absence of the thought-to-be-dead Reed Richards) is exposed to some mysterious chemicals and they begin to mutate him...

The FF had recently fought a giant ant and it turns out that the giant ant, Grottu, is messing with Scott's head and makes him take on a new personality and name, Myrimidon. He also gets a new costume...

He goes back to normal at the end of the story, but soon after, Scott does, in fact, adopt a variation of that costume as his new costume...

Talking about that period years later, Trimpe noted that he thought that the costume was really cool. Here's where the confusion I think comes in, as Trimpe then noted that it was so cool that he thought that Ant-Man would get his own series because of it. In other words, nothing was actually in the works. Trimpe just thought it would be received so well that it would lead to a new series. EDITED TO ADD: Trimpe's son, Alexander, wrote in to let me know that he designed the costume for his dad.

As it turned out, Marvel never even credited Trimpe with the new design (maybe they thought Paul Ryan changed it enough for it to be a distinct costume?).

Thanks for the suggestion, Jim! And thanks for the info, Alex!

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