Another View: Age of Ultron #10 Part 09

I’ve been thinking about the duplicate Wolverine and Sue Richards and how, maybe, they’re still around and we just haven’t hit the point in time that they came back to. After all, it’s unclear when the events of Age of Ultron happened exactly. It was just a vague “At some point that’s maybe now or sometime after now... maybe...?” Actually, there’s only one clear piece of evidence that indicates when the post-apocalyptic events of Age of Ultron happen: Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

Right now, Dr. Octopus is in Peter Parker’s body, but, if the news leaks from yesterday and that Humberto Ramos Amazing Spider-Man preview cover of the next Marvel free preview book thing that Ken, the guy who owns the shop I buy comics at, will put in my bag in a few months when it comes out is to be believed, Peter Parker is coming back soon. His mind-brain will be in his body-person once again and he will no longer be superior, he’ll simply be amazing. Or spectacular. (Mmmmmmmmmmmaybe sensational.) Given that it’s unlikely that Age of Ultron presented an alternate present to what we were reading at the time – though, imagine a world where that happened instead of Avengers vs. X-Men and, perhaps, Logan wouldn’t have been so quick to want to kill Hank Pym, right? RIGHT? – that would suggest that it was the future. A future that no longer exists thanks to Brian Michael Bendis rewriting Avengers #12.1 Age of Ultron #0.

Put two and two together and we’re clearly entering the time period of Age of Ultron where, one day, Peter Parker will wake up and not have to cope with a robot invasion that he’s very ill-equipped to handle. That’s when Logan and Sue came back to, all teary eyed and world weary and ready to sleep for millennium. Which means, we’re coming up on a story where those two show up and, boom, that’s how Wolverine can die and yet not die. Ultron’s defeat made Logan mortal, but thank god we have a spare from an alternate future where Ultron only killed everyone who wasn’t named Logan! Retailers, order that issue by the gross! It will come in a foil-covered Polybag of variant colours! Collect ‘em all!

This is all pure speculation, of course. I mean, we did see that Logan’s reality shatter at time ‘broke,’ meaning that he possibly ‘broke,’ too. Unless it was a metaphor for the mental anguish he suffered in seeing Ultron’s forces kill the world, travel back in time to kill Hank Pym, have moral debates with Sue Richards, get stopped by himself, kill himself (see, he’s already out-lived one Wolverine!), negotiate with Pym to save the world, and travel back to his future to see that he saved the fucking world and boy is he tired. That’s bound to take a lot out of you and would sure make you not want to run a school for crazy teenagers anymore. It may make you want to hunt down yourself who, in losing his healing factor, has turned evil as the Logan we all know in present continuity is supposed to be doing. Before he dies. AT THE HANDS OF HIMSELF, BECAUSE WE’RE ENTERING THE AGE OF AGE OF ULTRON WOLVERINE AND INVISIBLE WOMAN.


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