Another Take on Lobo Seen in Villains Month Page

UPDATE 8/28/2013 2:34 PM PT: Marguerite Bennett has commented further on the situation to CBR, particularly in regards to the support of both creators and fans.

"Nothing I have to add is particularly new, but I couldn't've gotten through this past week without the love and support of the fans, creators, and the folks at DC," Bennett told CBR. "The fans, particularly, really reminded me why I'd hoped to be able to break into this world, to tell the stories I'd always wanted to tell, even if it means days like the past few. Their kindness has been overwhelming, and I can't put into words how much it's meant to me."

In the wake of the controversy surrounding DC Comics' reveal of the New 52's new Lobo design, "Justice League: Lobo" #23.2 writer Marguerite Bennett took to Twitter -- along with a quickly-deleted Tumblr post -- to assure fan that the Main Man's badness remains intact in her one-shot issue. In fact, one of Bennett's tweets stated that readers had already seen Lobo's new look in artwork released by DC.

@Maijson @dandidio1 (1/2) Not a spoiler, as pages from our issue have been released, but our Lobo, with his new costume and abilities

- Marguerite Bennett (@EvilMarguerite) August 23, 2013

It's understandable why the page in question slipped under the radar -- the inked-but-not-colored image makes it very difficult to tell whether or not the image is indeed of the Czarnian bounty hunter. However, the character leaping over the crowd and wrapping his arm around a terrified man is certainly in line with Bennett's comments on Twitter in response to DC releasing Kenneth Rocafort's controversial redesign last week.

"Rocafort's drawing is a concept," Bennett said via Twitter. "Our Lobo is a LOT bigger, meaner, uglier and nastier."

Since the designs hit online, Bennett has tweeted constantly in response to fan reaction with the goal of getting the message out that that the Lobo in her "Justice League" #23.2 Villains Month issue as illustrated by Ben Oliver is noticeably different from the designs that DC released.

Check out the page from "Justice League" #23.2 below.

Editor Steve Sunu contributed to this article.

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