Another Life: Katee Sackhoff Returns to Sci-Fi TV with Chilling Trailer

Fulfilling the dreams of many fans, Katee "Starbuck" Sackhoff is returning to science fiction television with Netflix's upcoming series Another Life, and the streaming giant has just released the first official trailer.

The trailer itself is somewhat light on narrative detail, instead using a voiceover from Sackhoff about the importance of their mission as the soundtrack to a number of atmospheric clips from the show. Prominently featured are shots moving down the empty corridors of what looks like a spacecraft, likely The Salvare, the space exploration ship Breckinridge commands. Juxtaposed with this emptiness are clips from Earth showing the chaos that erupts when the alien artifact mysteriously appears on the planet.


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A clever play on the title of the series, one that links in to the emptiness associated with space travel, flashes at the end of the trailer, changing the phrase "No other life" into "Another Life."

Sackoff, most widely known for her portrayal of Kara Thrace in the critically acclaimed reboot of Battlestar Galactica, plays Niko Breckinridge, commander of humanity's first interstellar space mission. The mission itself is prompted when a massive alien artifact appears on Earth and steps must be taken to determine the intent, and possible danger, of the artifact. The series also seems set to explore the ramifications of proof of extraterrestrial life from the crowded vantage of our home planet and from the almost infinitely empty vantage of the universe.

Joining Sackhoff is Selma Blair and The CW's current Superman Tyler Hoechlin in prominent roles.

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The series also features Justin Chatwin, Samuel Anderson, Elizabeth Ludlow and Blu Hunt, and was created by Aaron Martin, who serves as executive producer along with Noreen Halpern.  The first season of Another Life debuts on Netflix on July 25.

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