Another 'Dennis the Menace' Movie is in the Works

Warner Bros. reportedly plans to bring Hank Ketcham's precocious comic strip character back to theaters with a new "Dennis the Menace" movie.

According to The Tracking Board, Gil Netter ("Eragon," "Life of Pi") will produce the project, which is considered a priority by the studio.

Debuting in newspapers in 1951, "Dennis the Menace" chronicles the adventures of  Dennis Mitchell, a mischievous 5-year-old known for driving his parents, teachers and his neighbor "Good Ol' Mr. Wilson" to the breaking point. The comic has been adapted numerous times for television and film (both as live-action and animated), most notably in the 1959 CBS sitcom starring Jay North, and in the 1993 feature written and produced by John Hughes.

The characters were last seen in the 2007 direct-to-video release "A Dennis the Menace Christmas," which starred Robert Wagner as Mr. Mitchell.

No writer or director is attached to the new adaptation.

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