Another day, another best-of list roundup

For those of you playing along at home:

• Comics Alliance selects the 10 best comics of 2009, including The Incredible Hercules, Incognito, Detective Comics and Asterios Polyp.

• At The Manga Critic, Katherine Dacey chooses the best manga of the year. Among them, Oishinbo, Gogo Monster and Children of the Sea.

• Flashlight Worthy asks a dozen comics bloggers to each select the best graphic novel of the year. The contenders include Sinfest, Vol. 1, Bayou and Little Fluffy Gigolo Pelu. (via David Welsh)

• USA Today's Whitney Matheson continues her look at the Top 100 People of 2009. Part 3 include Jeff Lemire (No. 58) and Joss Whedon (No. 47).

• At the Forbidden Planet International blog, Rob Jackson, Jim Medway and Wim Lockefeer discuss their choices for best comics of the year.

Comic Book Club takes a two-part (video) look at the best of the year.

• IGN.com lists the Top 100 comic-book covers of 2009.

• Dave Ferraro chooses his favorite covers of the year.

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