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Another Blogathon Reminder

by  in Comic News Comment
Another Blogathon Reminder

Tomorrow, beginning at 9 am EST, I will be doing a blogathon at my blog, GraphiContent to raise money for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. A blogathon is where you post every 30 minutes for 24 hours. So, basically, from 9 am Saturday until 9 am Sunday with 49 posts total during that time. It’s all for a very good cause, the CBLDF, and, so far, $100 has been pledged/donated to sponsor me. And that is fantastic, but I think you guys can do better. So, if you can, go to the CBLDF’s website as linked above and donate what you’re able to — and then tell me via comments or e-mail so I can keep track of the amount of money raised and who to thank. There’s no deadline for donating and I know this is the sort of thing people may feel more comfortable with once they see it actually happening. For the blogathon, I’ll be writing about, mainly, the Brian Michael Bendis Avengers titles with many, many tie-ins and tangents. The full list can be read here. I just today (like five minutes before writing this post) finished reading them. Now, some may wonder why do a blogathon and why these books — and I’ll answer those questions under the cut.

Why a blogathon? Because it’s fun. Because it’s a way to raise money for charity doing something I enjoy and something I’m good at. Some people run marathons to raise money, some people cut their hair off, whatever works for them. I’ll be staying up for 24 hours writing about comics for a comics-based charity. It seems appropriate. It’s using something I do for fun and for myself for a little bit of good — and, so far, it’s already resulted in $100 more going to the CBLDF than they would have otherwise. That’s pretty great.

Now, why these comics? The first time I did a blogathon, I discussed three Joe Casey runs: Mr. Majestic, Uncanny X-Men, and his final year on Adventures of Superman, because I’m a huge fan of Casey’s work and wanted to explore it in more detail. I’ve since gone on to do just that for many of his other works. This time, I wanted something a bit bigger and something that more people could get into, because, honestly, how many of you have read the above Casey-written works? Now, how many of you have read something from the giant list of nearly 230 comics that I’ll be discussing tomorrow? And people like to read about things they’re familiar with — it’s no coincidence that my reread reviews on Fight for Tomorrow and “Juarez” get a couple of comments, while “One More Day” and Batman: The Long Halloween get dozens. More people have read the latter than the former. It’s partly a cheap grab at getting the maximum number of people to pay attention as possible, because Bendis’s Avengers stuff sells a whole lot.

Beyond that, I want to explore these books and why they’re so popular. When Young Liars and Captain Britain and MI:13 (which will be discussed tomorrow, too, you’ll note) were cancelled, the comments often lambasted people who buy the Bendis books for not supporting these ‘more worthy’ books — comments I found funny since I bought them all. It’s not a mutually exclusive thing. Recently, the Bendis books have gotten a reputation for being the worst that comics has to offer and I obviously disagree, so I want to get into it, dig deep and find out what makes them work. I went through a period of threatening to drop New Avengers and Dark Avengers and yet never did even though the quality didn’t change — why? What is it about these books, which are not the best comics on the shelves (nor the worst) that has so many people, myself included, interested in them? They form the backbone of the Marvel universe right now and there must be a reason for that. I want to figure it out.

So, I hope you’ll join me tomorrow. Even if you don’t donate, stop by, read what I’m writing, comment, keep me entertained, I’ll try and do the same for you. It’s going to be a lot of fun — and it’s all for a good cause.


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