Another 1/11/11 Themed Post!

While it is still 1/11/11, I figure commenter the Third Man's idea of doing 11 #111 covers was a good one, so, well, here they are! I tried to replicate the eleven comics I featured earlier as best as I could. Cable ended with issue #108, though, and the Outsiders did not sniff #100 (nor did Sleepwalker), so I went with Marvel Comics Presents for Cable (since he appeared in there a lot), Brave and the Bold for Batman and the Outsiders (since it spun out of that book) and for Sleepwalker, I chose another Marvel Comic that was a longshot at making #111, Thunderbolts. If you have a better suggestion for Sleepwalker's spot, let me know, and I'll gladly swap something else in there!

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(Click on each cover to embiggen it)

Superman Event Leviathan
Leviathan Just Recruited a Classic DC C-List Hero

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