Annuals' Triumphant Return: "Ultimates Annual #1" Sells Out

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Faster than Quicksilver, "Ultimates Annual #1" has sold out at Diamond andcritics are loving the return of Annuals to Marvel.

Hilary Goldstein of IGN.com says, "Annuals are finally back and in a bigway! Best comic of the week."

In a stand-alone story that ties into the monthly title, "UltimatesAnnual #1" features a story of Nick Fury and his (possible) replacementteam of Ultimates. Written by monthly scribe Mark Millar with pencilsby Steve Dillon, this double-sized issue is busting at the seams withUltimates action.

"It was important that, although these annuals are stand alone stories,they tie into the events in the monthly Ultimate titles," said EditorRalph Macchio. "We wanted our annuals to count. And they do."

Writer Mark Millar had plenty to say when informed of the book'ssell-out. "Am I happy about this? Of course, but more relieved thananything else because the orders for this were ridiculously high for afour dollar book and-- I swear to God-- my greatest fear was thatretailers had ordered too many and would be feeding these things to petsand children for years to come. But we sold out! And that's great. Andwhat's even weirder is that there's a huge re-order activity going ontoo which is completely bloody brilliant so cheers for that. I reallyshould relax more, but I'm more surprised than anyone when this stuffhappens. It's insane!"

Annuals were once a yearly tradition for all Marvel titles and itssuccessful return with "Ultimates Annual #1" has fans clamoring for more.And they'll get their wish, too as "Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1" hitstores this week and "Ultimate X-Men Annual #1" and "Ultimate FantasticFour Annual #1" are set for release over the next few weeks.

"This quick sell-out is a strong sign of continuing sales momentum inthe Ultimate line," says David Gabriel, Marvel's Director of Sales. "Weurge retailers to increase orders now on the coming annuals to avoidgetting caught short. We are contemplating a quick back to press editionright now depending on the volume of backorders."

Be sure to pick up these upcoming Ultimate Annuals:

"Ultimate X-Men Annual #1" (JUN051988)

Written by Brian K Vaughan

Penciled by Tom Raney

Cover by Stuart Immonen


On Sale - 8/24/05

"Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #1" (JUN051987)

Written by Mark Millar

Penciled by Jae Lee

Cover by Greg Land


On Sale - 9/21/05

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