10 Annoying Moments In The MCU That Could Have Been Easily Avoided

The Marvel Cinematic Universe markets itself as a provider of interconnected stories that all have some impact on the world around them. Like in life itself, many of the things that directly impact the future of those movies are based on a series of crucial decisions that characters take. Sometimes deliberately, but not always. What matters is that most of the time, they have a very negative effect, which can lead to tragic deaths, civil wars, and even the sudden disappearance of half the universe.

Some life-altering events can be traced to a single choice. Without these turns of events, the MCU would be pretty boring. Thankfully they exist and succeed in delivering a killer decade-long narrative. But in the eyes of a civilian of that fictional world, here are what he/she might consider as the 10 most annoying moments in the MCU that could have been easily avoided.

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The Avengers were in the middle of their second Earth-saving battle after New York. They had been able to tear apart hundreds of Ultron’s minions before Nick Fury arrived in just in time to rescue everyone still on the floating city of Sokovia. In a perfectly executed moment, Thor, Vision, and Iron Man used their combined powers to deliver a (surely) deadly continuous blast to kill a completely defenseless Ultron. There was no escape for the genocidal robot… and then they stopped.

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Why they stopped, no one knows. What matters is that he returned minutes later, still very much alive and gave the Avengers their first real casualty with Quicksilver’s bullet-filled dead body.


Thor: Ragnarok marked the end of Odin, the Allfater, followed immediately by the introduction of his evil daughter, Hela. By reducing Mjolnir to pieces, she demonstrated her immense power. Nevertheless, she needed to travel to Asgard to tap into her full might. She had no way to get there, though. With a little bit of careful planning, Thor and Loki could have definitely beaten the Goddess of Death.

Unfortunately, Loki seemed to suffer some sort of short-term brain paralysis as he summoned the Bifrost right in front of her. She now had a direct passage to Asgard. This stupid mistake cost the lives of countless Asgardians, including the Warriors Three, and Asgard itself. It’s not a place, it’s a people. But I’m sure they’d prefer a wealthy, golden planet over a soon-to-be-destroyed-by-Thanos-as-he-murders-half-their-people spaceship.


In typical ironic fashion, Yondu was responsible for his own death. All because he failed to kill one man. And this man... is Taserface. Yes, the man who does not have the ability to shoot tasers out of his face, was responsible for maybe the most meaningful death in the MCU (before Infinity War, that is) Cast your minds back to Rocket, Groot, and Yondu’s epic musical escape from the Ravagers’ ship.

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The whistle-controlled arrow kills everyone. Everyone except Taserface. Yondu thought it would be smart to blow up the space ship instead of immediately killing him. Taserface did indeed die, but not before giving Ayesha the location of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Sovereign then show up in the final battle and complicate matters immensely, forcing Mary Poppins Yondu to sacrifice his own life for Star-Lord.


There were a lot of things that indirectly led to the outcome of Infinity War, but there’s no doubt that the breaking up of the Avengers was one of the biggest. This is where Captain America: Civil War comes in. Before anything too horrible has even happened, Tony Stark attempts to persuade Steve Rogers to sign the Sokovia Accords and make everything better.

As Rogers appears to be close to signing, Stark mentions that he temporarily forbade Wanda from leaving the compound, so as to avoid any other complications after the accident from the beginning. Tony’s choice to lock away a kid makes the Captain immediately snap, refusing to sign. Steve Rogers' signature could have solved basically the entire movie, and this was as close as we ever got to see it.


Spider-Man: Homecoming was very much a story of an inexperienced Peter Parker, struggling with his powers. Very inexperienced. The plot revolves around Peter screwing up, and everyone around him getting angry. One of his most costly mistakes happens just before the final battle. As he succeeds in tracking down Adrian Toomes, his instinct acts out intelligently by immediately trapping Vulture’s hand to a table. Unfortunately, Toomes is a human being, and these tend to have two hands, one on each side.

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Is he blind? Is he giving up? Did he just leave his school’s homecoming dance after finding out his mortal enemy is his girlfriend’s father? What matters is that the Vulture escapes, and comes close to killing Spider-Man. All's well that ends well, and the movie does end well, but there were so many unnecessarily messy situations that could have been avoided.


The God of Mischief never really loses his mischievous ways. Thor: Ragnarok is a hilarious movie, and like most MCU movies, it ends on a high note. True, Asgard is destroyed and Odin is dead, but all in all, the people are happy. Unfortunately, Loki is among them. Even though he has supposedly redeemed himself for his past actions, there is no denying that he was the entire reason Thanos slaughtered half the Asgardian population, killing Heimdall and Loki himself.

Why? It's simple. In Ragnarok, Loki rushes into Odin’s treasure room to retrieve the Eternal Flame but stops dead in his tracks when he notices a glowing blue Infinity Cube. He can’t help himself, and he takes the Tesseract aboard the Asgardian ship. This is not a good idea when you have a mass-murdering madman looking for Infinity Stones.


Civil War's number of annoying moments is outrageous. Possibly the most crucial scene in the movie is nothing more than the consequence of a series of easily avoidable mistakes. The Avengers find themselves in a sticky situation following Bucky Barnes’ arrest, after his apparent murder of Wakanda’s King T’Chaka. Then Zemo steps in and all hell breaks loose. He says the magic Russian words and, SNAP, Bucky transforms into the Winter Soldier.

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Afterward, heroes fight, Avengers split… and half the Universe disappears. Zemo's plan was too intricate and too unlikely to work. So many things could have gone wrong. Just the fact he was presented with the three exact people he needed to show Stark footage of his parents’ death, and have Iron Man pit himself against Cap and Bucky is a miracle. But here we are.


Doctor Strange might have the MCU's closest thing to one of life's most annoying moments. Car crashes, whether deadly or not, are so very irritating. After the event of an accident, we always angrily tell ourselves "If only..."  Sometimes it's someone else's fault. Other times, it's just bad luck. In Stephen Strange's case, it is an idiotic mistake that costs him his hands, career, friends, and lover.

To be fair he does learn magic and comes into possession of an Infinity Stone as he becomes the Earth's Sorcerer Supreme. But he had no idea about all this at the time. He and everything around him thought he was doomed to live a lonely, pitiful life. All it took was a car drive and a quick look at the phone for everything to go downhill... literally.


Poor James Buchanan Barnes... From the very beginning, everything Winter Soldier-related has been a pain in the neck for Captain America, the Avengers, and everyone in between. Ironically enough, the assassin’s origin was due to another easily avoidable mistake. In The First Avenger, as Cap and Bucky are battling one of Hydra’s juggernaut goons on a moving train, Barnes gets blasted outside.

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He manages to grab on to something, but before Steve arrives, he fails to hold on and falls to his death... not. HYDRA find him in the snow, without an arm. They got ahold of him and the rest is a story of a soldier turned evil pawn responsible for a series of global assassinations through history. There were so many ways the fight could have ended differently, but it didn't.


Confused? There is no reason to be. Infinity War is the title of Marvel's most successful movie ever, but it also represents the two most annoying moments in the MCU. We've mentioned scenes that indirectly led to Thanos' victory, but these could not be more directly involved. This movie ingeniously tricks us by giving us hope of a happy ending. The single most painful scene is none other than what caused Chris Pratt to receive death threats. Thanos is unconscious, the Gauntlet is there for the taking. They can prevent a universal disaster.

Tony and Peter nearly have it... so close... and Star-Lord punches Thanos in the face, waking him up (*ironic clapping*). A few scenes later, all hope seems lost, he has all the stones and is seconds away from winning. But suddenly Thor arrives and stabs Thanos in the chest with his magical axe. But in the words of the mad titan himself: "You should have gone for the head".

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