15 Characters That Make Us Want To Rage Quit The Arrowverse

A year before Warner Bros. released Man of Steel and began its DC Extended Universe, Arrow premiered on The CW. Late in season one Barry Allen was introduced in two episodes, with the second culminating in him being struck by lightning. This moment led to the The Flash and the CW Arrowverse was officially launched. They would later be joined by DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. The four shows frequently crossover and share storylines.

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With a full TV season to tell stories and develop characters, these shows are able to draw from a variety of DC heroes, villains and sidekicks. Not every personality is going to be as likeable as Oliver, Kara or Captain Cold. Some, whether it’s through an actor’s portrayal or how the character is written are just obnoxiously wrong. Many of DC’s most famous characters have been made so bland, unwatchable or plain unlikeable that they’re barely tolerable. Most are no longer on their respective shows, but a few, viewers have just had to learn to deal with. In fact some are so bad, fans cringe and reach for the remote every time they’re on screen. With that in mind, enjoy this list of the most obnoxious Arrowverse characters.

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Talia al Ghul is one of the great loves of Batman’s life. She is the mother of his son Damian. Since Arrow has made an artform out of borrowing from Batman canon, it was only a matter of time before she showed up. In season five, it was revealed that she was the one who gave Oliver his final push into becoming the Hood before he returned to Starling City. Later she was revealed to be working with Prometheus against Oliver, as revenge for her father’s death.

This version of Talia was an obnoxious knock off of the one fans know from the comics and animated universe. It was basically a new character with the same name. If they were going to make her so unrecognizable, why even bother with the familiar name. It did nothing to serve the character.


Mon-El Supergirl

There was a lot of controversy about Mon-El in Supergirl’s second season. Some fans liked that Kara had a boyfriend who could really understand her, while some hated him so much they were hoping he died of lead poisoning with the rest of his people. When he first showed up, viewers figured out quickly that he was an escaped prince of Daxam, though Kara thought (for far too long) that he was a palace guard.

Either way, he was obviously a self-centered, womanizing jerk. His love for Kara was clearly going to take him on a journey to becoming a better person. Unfortunately, that journey took so long that in the meantime Mon-El was very hateable. For many fans, by the time he and Kara fell in love, the damage had already been done.


Amanda Waller is without question one of DC’s most influential characters. She mainly interacts with Batman and the Suicide Squad, so it was no surprise when she joined Arrow in season two. This Waller was the director of A.R.G.U.S., the woman in charge of Task Force X and the person who eventually got Oliver off the island. Oliver had reluctantly worked for her during his time in Hong Kong. They continued that strained partnership once he returned home and began his vigilante work.

While Cynthia Addai Robinson had Waller’s icy exterior down, there was never any depth to her manipulations. She didn’t seem as smart as the Amanda Waller fans knew. She just came off as this obnoxiously bossy woman who threatened to kill people a lot. Thankfully, the character was killed off in season four, so she could make the jump to the DCEU.



To launch the third Arrowverse series Legends of Tomorrow, the annual crossover was used to introduce Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl. The two episodes revolved around her discovering her powers and the team joining forces to defeat Vandal Savage. Kendra next appeared on Legends of Tomorrow, as Savage had been reincarnated and had to be killed again.

Hawkgirl is one of DC’s most powerful female characters. Unfortunately, none of this was on display with Kendra, since she was a watered down, weak, uninteresting version of the heroine. Seriously, she spends more time crying and complaining than saving people. The crying got old fast. This isn’t all Ciara Renee’s fault, as there are a lot of problems in Legends’ first season. However, having an uninspiring main heroine was certainly one of the worst.


Andy Mientus as Pied Piper in "The Flash"

One member of the original STAR Labs team who viewers are glad not to see every week is Harley Rathaway/Pied Piper. In the show, he uses his sonic blasts to attack Wells as revenge for ruining his career. He also nearly kills Barry by ripping him apart from the inside out. However, his whole motivation is that of a disgruntled employee and there’s not one redeeming quality about him.

Yes, he’s a villain, so we’re not really supposed to be on his side. But, he never comes off as anyone viewers should be invested in and frankly, he’s just annoying the whole time. Following "Flashpoint", Harley was given a very quick reset, where he’s no longer the Pied Piper, but really does anyone care?



By the end of Supergirl’s first season, Winn had finally realized he and Kara would never be more than friends. In season two he actually got his own girlfriend when alien thief Lyra Strayd picked him up at the gang’s alien bar hangout. She turned out to be a con artist who was framing Winn so she could save her brother. He forgave her and they kept dating. Then she came back later to cause a fight between Winn and James.

In short, she’s the worst. Winn is a smart, nice, loyal guy with a great singing voice. He deserves much better than a lying thief who doesn’t appreciate his friends enough to try to like them. She hasn’t showed up in awhile, so maybe we’ll hear about an off-screen breakup in an upcoming episode.



From the moment it was announced Tom Felton was joining The Flash in season three, fans already knew he was going to be a villain. They turned out to be partially right. He was Doctor Alchemy, but it was without his knowledge, so he got a pass. What he couldn’t get away with was his treatment of Barry in the crime lab, his hatred for all things metahuman and his forced inclusion on Team Flash. Come on, you know that was a pity invite to join STAR Labs.

His only purpose was to be Barry’s new mean co-worker following "Flashpoint". Not only was his character completely useless, he was utterly unlikeable. In fact, he was so unimportant, his exit was only given one line of dialogue in the season four premiere.


Curtis Holt as Mr. Terrific in "Arrow"

In Arrow’s season four finale, the emotional toll of defeating of Damien Darhk led to the separation of Team Arrow. This meant a new group of heroes would have to be assembled in season five. One of those new recruits was Felicity’s tech genius friend Curtis Holt. Curtis had already been let into the inner circle and helped Felicity with several tech problems, but now he wanted to train and become a full-fledged vigilante. He now fights on the team as Mister Terrific.

The only problem with this is, he is unbearable most of the time. Echo Kellum is very funny and does a fine job as Curtis, but his awkward rambling, ridiculously timed interruptions and obvious lack in skills compared to everyone else does make him seem just unwatchable at times.


Henry Hewitt-the flash (2)

Following Ronnie Raymond’s death at the end of season one, Dr. Stein had to find another half of Firestorm to bond with. His choices were Jefferson “Jax” Jackson or scientist Dr. Henry Hewitt. At first Jax had no interest in anything metahuman related, while Hewitt couldn’t wait to be more, since he already thought he was all kinds of awesome. Arrowverse scientists are either awkward nerds or geniuses with a God complex. Hewitt was an extreme version of the latter.

He could see no world in which he was not meant to have special powers. Ultimately, it was his full dive off the deep end, that caused Jax to bond with Stein and realize his potential as Firestorm. So, while Hewitt’s appearance gave us the new Firestorm, he was really the worst and hasn’t been heard from again...on Earth-1.


Since his first appearance in season one of The Flash, Dr. Martin Stein hasn’t been the most likeable character. Fortunately, Victor Garber is able to shine through all the character’s bravado and scientific cockiness. When the Legends traveled back to the '80s in season two, Martin met a young version of himself. Without the benefit of Garber’s charm, this Stein was just a collection of all his worst traits. Yes, that was the point of the character, but that doesn’t make him any less grating.

He constantly reminded everyone of his brilliance, while showing no appreciation for his long suffering wife. For Garber’s Martin it was a sobering look at what his life would be like without his wife. In the end, the older Stein set him straight on the important things in life and got a daughter as his reward.


HR-the flash

Since season two, The Flash has used the running gag of introducing new Harrison Wells from other Earths to help out Team Flash. Unfortunately, they can’t all be winners. Season three’s HR goes firmly in the miss category. First of all, he wasn’t one of the brilliant Wells, so what use could he possibly be to a lab full of geniuses?

They really had no use for a hipster Wells, who carries around drumsticks, wears a stupid hat and skinny jeans. It was just a way for them to keep Tom Cavanagh around in a new role. Cavanagh is fantastic at making every Wells different, HR just didn’t fit on the show. Apparently, there will be a full council of Wells this season, so let’s hope the writers learned their lesson with HR and get it right this time around.


Lena Luthor Supergirl

Look, it’s nice for Kara to have a friend completely separate from her Supergirl life. It’s also interesting that said friend is a Luthor. However, does Lena have to be so unbearingly needy and insecure all the time. Every time Kara leaves to go save the world, she thinks their friendship is doomed and there has to be an emotional talk about how she was such a lonely kid.

Seriously, you’re a wealthy, scientific genius, businesswoman who just bought CatCo. Maybe invent some sort of device to give you more self-confidence. Perhaps more confidence would keep her from falling for her mother’s lies every single time. Also, is Kara her only friend? Is that why she’s so clingy? The more overly attached she becomes to Kara, the more unwatchable she becomes.


patty-the flash

Everyone knows that Barry and Iris are endgame. They are meant to be together. However, a TV show just can’t have its main couple fall in love in the first episode. There’s got to be other love interests along the way. For Barry, one of those was season two’s Patty Spivot (Shantel Van Santen). She was Joe’s new partner, who had a grudge against metahumans because her father was killed by Weather Wizard.

Barry, realizing he couldn’t pursue Iris after Eddie had sacrificed himself to save everyone, decided to begin dating Patty. Unfortunately, Patty was was just so boring that her scenes never had any impact on anything. She was so obnoxiously bland, she was clearly just a placeholder until Barry and Iris were finally ready to be together. This led to viewers never having any investment in her character.



Here’s the thing about Carrie Cutter/Cupid. She’s supposed to be obnoxiously crazy. She debuted in season three as a former police officer who became obsessed with the Arrow. After saving her, Oliver turns her over to A.R.G.U.S., where she joins the Suicide Squad. She then transfers her affections to Deadshot.

Through all of this, she never falters on her 100% belief that these men are just as in love with her as she is with them. It’s hilarious and charming, yet it doesn’t do enough to downplay how grating her character is. Amy Gumenick should be commended for her committed, over the top portrayal. And yet, none of this changes the fact that the volume must turned way down whenever she’s on-screen.


Yes, Barry is the reason there is even an Arrowverse, since without him it would just be Arrow. However, that doesn’t get him off the hook for constantly meddling with the timeline. Way back in the season one finale, he learned not to mess with the timeline and yet he keeps travelling through time and changing things with a complete disregard to how it will affect other’s lives.

He reached the pinnacle of arrogance with season three’s "Flashpoint". And of course, everyone’s lives were all messed up so he tried to set things right, which resulted in Caitlin becoming Killer Frost and Cisco losing his brother. Barry claims to have learned his lesson from the Speed Force, but you just know something is going to happen and he’s going to mess with time again. It seems not learning from his mistakes is Barry’s actual superpower.

Which Arrowverse character annoys you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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