Announcing "Odysseus The Rebel" by Steven Grant

Official Press Release

Hardly anyone knows this, but there is a special reason why the classical Greek hero Odysseus was reviled by his fellow kings and warriors, and a reason why The Odyssey, the story of this hero's 10-year voyage home from the Trojan War, was the last of the great Grecian epic stories. And Steven Grant is going to explain it all in a new graphic novel to be presented in 2008 by Big Head Press.

Odysseus The Rebel, written by Grant and illustrated by Scott Bieser, will be a re-imagining of the classical hero in which he stands fast for the inherent worth of humanity and reason against the irrational vainglory of the decadent and oppressive Greek gods, who are angered that the Ithacan king will not pay them tribute.

"This is a hero the gods are determined to break, to prove forever to men that even the greatest of men is less than nothing to the smallest of gods, but he is a hero who will not be broken, even when his goal is snatched right out of his grasp, when the men under his command are butchered and crushed around him, when his comrades-in-arms are made to share his punishments only because they fought alongside him, when he is even cast down to hell, " Grant explained.

"We think Odysseus The Rebel is a great fit, thematically speaking, for Big Head Press," said publisher Frank Bieser. "Of course, we're also thrilled to be working with a writer of the caliber and industry stature of Steven Grant."

Grant has commenced work on the script and Scott Bieser has begun some preliminary design work. Under a production system adopted this year by Big Head Press, the entire script will be completed before major art production begins. "This is how movies are usually made, and we see no reason why this shouldn't also be the case for graphic novels," the publisher explained.

Scott will begin full production for Odysseus The Rebel in November 2007, after he completes work on his current project, Roswell, Texas. As with its other books, Big Head Press will serialize the story in its entirety on the company's website before releasing it as a trade paperback. Serialization of the 156-page story is currently scheduled to begin in January 2008.

Grant has already announced publicly that he will be writing a story concerning The Odyssey, in his May 2 edition of his "Permanent Damage" column on the ComicBookResources.Com website, but he did not name the title or the publisher, because contracts had not been finalized.

Steven Grant is perhaps best known for converting The Punisher from a third rate supporting character to a major star in Marvel's PUNISHER MINI-SERIES, but his career ranges three decades and virtually every major American comics company, including DC (Batman, Ghost Rider, Superman, Catwoman, Challengers of the Unknown), Marvel (Spider-Man, X-Men Unlimited, The Punisher War Journal, Captain America), Dark Horse (Invasions, Enemy, Alien 3), First (Whisper, Grimjack, American Flagg), IDW, Malibu and Avatar. His range extends to novels, short stories, film and music criticism and screenplays, and he pioneered the modern crime comic with works such as Whisper, Badlands, Damned and the currently running Two Guns from Boom! Studios. Permanent Damage, his Internet column of cultural criticism and political commentary, runs every Wednesday at www.comicbookresources.com.

Scott Bieser began working in comics as a penciler and cover colorist for Malibu Graphics' various titles in the 1980s. After spending a bit more than a decade in the computer games business, he returned to the comics field in 2002, producing the edu-comic A Drug War Carol (with writer Susan W. Wells), followed by the alternative-universe story The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel (with author L. Neil Smith) in 2004. He also paints book covers, designs logos and websites and draws the occasional political cartoon when the inspiration hits him.

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