Announcing Loaded Blanks Comic Art Greeting Cards

Official Press Release

Chicago, IL – Buying a greeting card is something almost everyone does at least once in their lives. The problem most people face when shopping for a traditional greeting card is that it's all too rare to find one that perfectly captures their own unique flavor of humor or sentiment.

Enter LOADED BLANKS GREETING CARDS. Featuring original, full-color comic art by some of indie comics' most exciting rising stars, each of these cards is its own irreverent little narrative. The hook? The buyer brings the story to life in their own words by filling in the empty text bubbles.

"Part of doing this was trying to come up with a greeting card I would buy myself," says Ezra Claytan Daniels, creator and owner of Loaded Blanks Greetings. "To me, finding the perfect greeting card is all about referencing the random inside jokes that speckle our relationships. That's almost impossible to find on any greeting card rack. But these cards give you the freedom to flex your creative muscles while doing just that. Nobody can say what you feel better than you can say it yourself." And with these cards, those sentiments never looked so good.

All Loaded Blanks cards are printed on 100% post consumer waste and feature a variety of artists from all over the country. While some of these illustrators have been featured in publications running the gamut from National Geographic and Nickelodeon Magazine to Punk Planet and Venus, others are just on the verge of breaking out. "This company is also something I wanted to start to help publicize some of the amazing, underexposed artists I've met over the years while promoting my own work," says Daniels. "We're hoping the greeting card market will be a really fun way to bridge the gap between starving artist and mainstream consumer."

Loaded Blanks Greetings will be nationally distributed through Diamond Comics and BuyOlympia and can currently be found in Chicago Comics and Quimby's, with more Chicagoland locations added every day. For additional information on Loaded Blanks Greetings, contact Heather Kortan at heather@loadedblankshq.com or visit www.LoadedBlanksHQ.com

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