10 Announced Superhero Movies We Think Will Actually Hit Theaters (And 10 We Don't)

With the rise of modern superhero movies, there are many projects already in the pipeline from many studios. Marvel, FOX, Sony, and Warner Bros are all in the process of having their slate of superhero movies fleshed out to dominate theaters. However, with so many of these movies coming out, we've seen a lot of them already bite the dust. Remember when FOX wanted to try and reboot the Fantastic Four? What about that time Sony tried to create a Spider-Man universe (and is somehow still attempting)?

Due to the frequency of superhero movies released, it's much more important for studios to get it right the first time. If they fail with a property, it's extremely unlikely that it will be given a sequel, as audiences tend to be much more unforgiving these days. A lot of these problems can also plague a movie before it even comes out. Whether it be a need for re-shoots, directors leaving the project, or even a budget that falls through, some superhero movies are doomed from the start. Despite the fact that a large amount of superhero movies are already announced for release in the future, we'd wager that many of them will never see the light of day. Some probably will, but there are plenty more that won't be so lucky. Many studios have some interesting comic book movies planned for release, and we're counting down ten we think will actually hit theaters and ten that will be scrapped before they have their chance.

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Marvel has been very quiet about their plans after Avengers 4, but they have talked about doing a movie starring the cosmic Eternals. This film would take place at least during Phase 4 and possibly deal with the origins of the MCU.

The reason we think this movie will happen is that, once Marvel starts to set plans in motion for a movie, they almost always see it through. Furthermore, they are embracing the cosmic side of the MCU more with each passing film. Going off the wall and doing the Eternals would be a logical next step after Thanos, the Avengers, and the Guardians of the Galaxy.


Ezra Miller's Flash in Justice League

DC's plans with their heroes involved doing the Justice League movie first and then releasing solo movies about each of the heroes. Wonder Woman has already gotten her chance in the spotlight and Aquaman is soon to follow, however, we're not feeling great about the Flash.

With some awkward communication regarding what the movie will be about on top of it being so far away from Justice League, we think it could easily be left by the wayside. Audiences weren't exactly losing their mind over Ezra Miller's portrayal of the Scarlet Speedster. On top of that, there's already a popular Flash that exists on TV.


Spawn is a third-party comic book character that has always deserved better treatment on the big screen. There was a lackluster movie already released, so Todd McFarlane is ready to give his anti-hero a better chance in the spotlight.

This newer Spawn film is set to star Jamie Foxx and is moving all the right pieces to get released in theaters. With the rise of high-quality comic book films, it seems the time is right to bring Spawn back to a household name. With a lead already put in place, we're easily on board with this new reboot of the character.


Suicide Squad is thought of by many as one of the worst superhero movies DC has ever put out. However, it was a financial success, leading Warner Bros to quickly greenlight a Suicide Squad 2. However, we don't think that this movie will ever see the light of day.

With DC switching its branding of movies to "Worlds of DC," it seems that the old way of making films is being thrown out. Because they're ready to make better movies with clearer visions, trying to bring back one of their least-impressive movie franchises feels like a step in the wrong direction. Furthermore, nothing has been talked about it outside of "Hey, it's happening!"


The Joker is easily one of DC's most popular characters, so giving him his own movie seems like a no-brainer. While not everyone is looking forward to what will be done with the Joker movie, it seems that it will be a project released as part of the new "Worlds of DC" universe.

With Joaquin Phoenix set to star as the Clown Prince of Crime and a release date for October of next year, it seems that DC is fast-tracking this one to theaters. It could also go hand-in-hand with another Batman movie where we're already familiar with Phoenix's version of the Joker.


Alongside Spawn, Hellboy is another third-party comic book character that managed to gain his own cult following. He even had his own series of films that have their fans. However, some producers considered that it was time for the character to get a proper movie reboot directed by Neil Marshall.

The Hellboy movie is scheduled to come out in January of 2019, but we haven't heard much other than a title and some casting details. There hasn't been a trailer and not a whole lot of buzz surrounding it. Time is running out and they've been fairly silent, which leads us to believe that the project could end up canceled.


With DC re-branding their movie universe, there is one property that may finally get its time to shine: the Green Lantern Corps. Green Lantern Corps was a movie announced before "Worlds of DC" became established, but without much production behind it, the time seems right to finally work on the project.

Being able to have a "space police" movie with Green Lanterns, DC can explore the cosmic side of their universe and push the limits with the idea. After the disappointing Green Lantern movie, audiences are likely ready to give the character another chance with a much better film. We think this one will hit theaters in the future.


Gambit is a character that FOX isn't sure what to do with. After a brief appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it was announced that he would get his own solo film starring Channing Tatum. With the project getting endlessly delayed and some nightmares behind the scenes, it's a movie that many people have forgotten.

However, FOX still has it on their schedule and is planning to release it, but we're not so hopeful. With entire teams of superheroes taking the spotlight, having a solo film following one of the X-Men seems pointless by comparison. Considering that the X-Men franchise is also up in the air, we don't think this one will ever see theaters.


With some weird shifts in who is playing the Dark Knight, there was some concern that Matt Reeves' The Batman wouldn't see the light of the day. However, because Ben Affleck is somehow still attached to the project and DC is restructuring their universe, we're confident that the movie will come out.

We're not sure what period in Batman's life the film will address (or even who will be Batman), but it will supposedly focus on more of the "noir" aspects of the character, drawing from classic comic and movie history altogether. If done properly, it could be the Batman movie that finally dethrones The Dark Knight.


Due to the financial success of Suicide Squad, DC and Warner Bros were quick to announce a few spin-off movies that would follow the adventures of Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, and among them was the Birds of Prey movie.

The team in the comics was known for starring characters like Batgirl, Huntress, and Black Canary. With the addition of Harley Quinn, Warner Bros was clearly trying to tie over some Suicide Squad fans. However, with there being not much talk about the film and the seeming absence of Margot Robbie from DC's current slate, we'd wager that this is one project we won't see in theaters.


Despite not having the film rights to Spider-Man anymore, Sony is still set on making movies with characters from the Spider-Man universe. On their current slate is a movie starring Morbius, the Living Vampire. The reason we think this movie will come out is because they already have a lead in the form of Jared Leto -- which is a fairly big name for the movie.

On top of that, Morbius is the kind of character that doesn't necessarily require Spider-Man to be a success, so it wouldn't be that far-fetched to assume that this one would actually come through. It would also allow for a superhero movie to explore the horror genre.


A while ago, it was announced that Joss Whedon was making the jump to the DC movies by directing a Batgirl movie. Despite this announcement being a fairly big deal when it first came out, there hasn't been much talk about the project since then.

Furthermore, Joss Whedon's last involvement in a DC movie, Justice League, was spotty at best. This most likely lead to his departure from the project, and it seems Batgirl follows the trend of Warner Bros talking about a lot of ideas for movies, rather than actual movies. We're not hopeful about this one.


Joker and Harley Quinn Mad Love Cover

Harley Quinn and Joker have a love story that has, for some reason, captured the interest of a lot of fans. First depicted on the big screen in Suicide Squad, Warner Bros later announced that they were developing a movie that would star Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and Jared Leto's Joker in the lead roles.

It was described as a "criminal love story." Considering that Warner Bros is hasty to spit out movies surrounding their most popular characters, we think this is one that will see the light of day. Regardless of how bad it ends up being, a Harley Quinn and Joker movie is just money waiting to be made.


Most superhero fans are familiar with the Justice League, but few of them are familiar with the Justice League Dark -- a team of DC superheroes specifically designed to deal with supernatural threats. Apparently, this was an idea that captivated Warner Bros, as they were quick to announce a live-action movie that was supposedly titled Dark Universe.

However, there has been no talk about this movie since then. Considering that Warner Bros is learning from their mistakes of throwing an entirely new team on the big screen with no setup prior, we don't think this film will be released at all.


It wasn't long into the beginning of the DCEU (back when it was still called that) when Warner Bros announced that they would be making a Black Adam movie with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the titular role. While there hasn't been a lot of talk about the film, Johnson still seems ready to play the part.

He won't appear in Shazam!, but we'd still imagine that his movie is somewhere down the road, especially if the aforementioned superhero film is successful. Warner Bros could even turn the "Black Adam" movie into Shazam! 2, and that wouldn't be a bad decision. Having a big actor like The Rock is a move they wouldn't want to waste.


Wonder Woman will get her second movie easily. Aquaman's first film is coming out later this year. In regards to the Justice League, though, we're doubtful that the "Cyborg" film will ever be completed. Not only was Cyborg one of the least interesting characters in Justice League, but making a movie about the character doesn't even seem all that interesting on paper.

Now that Warner Bros is allowing more unique, one-off DC movies to be made, it's likely that the Cyborg film will be shoved into limbo to make room for other movies that have much more potential. After all, what more is there to say about Cyborg?


FOX's current slate of superhero movies is spotty at best, especially considering that they were just purchased by Disney. The one X-Men movie that we're confident will come out is a sequel to Deadpool 2, whether it be Deadpool 3 or X-Force. Deadpool is, as of right now, the only superhero character FOX has that consistently throws out good movies that make audiences laugh.

With Disney seemingly okay with FOX continuing the franchise, it's all but confirmed that a third Deadpool movie will happen. It's possible that, this time around, FOX will make better use of the X-Force and even bring Cable into the fold better.


Warner Bros was insistent on bringing more of the Bat-Family into live-action. Not only did they talk about a Batgirl movie, but also one with Nightwing. While Dick Grayson's identity outside of Batman has long deserved more time on the big screen, we're doubtful that this movie will actually pull through.

With the Batman universe in a hazy area when it comes to the Matt Reeves Batman film, it wouldn't make a lot of sense to go through with Nightwing without having a clear direction and relationship with the Dark Knight. This one will either never come out or be delayed much longer.


Sony is still determined to have movies about Spider-Man characters, and Silk is another character on their radar. While Silver Sable and Black Cat's movie got thrown into the trash, a movie starring Silk could work, although we'd argue that a Silk movie would work better if she were integrated with Tom Holland's Peter Parker.

When bringing that into consideration, the project seems a lot more possible. If the movie stayed only with Sony, though, we'd be a lot less hopeful that it would ever see the day. Still, we're being cautiously optimistic about this one in saying that the Silk movie will come out eventually.


Kitty Pryde as Shadowcat

FOX hasn't done a solo movie about an X-Man other than Wolverine ever (no, Deadpool doesn't count). However, they're willing to try due to their announcement of a Kitty Pryde movie in the works. While it's an interesting choice for a movie, we don't think it will ever come out.

Just about every attempt from FOX to make a solo X-Men movie has fallen through. Gambit will probably never come out, and it's likely to assume that this Kitty Pryde will undergo the same fate. Remember the last that we saw of Kitty Pryde in live-action was in the critically-panned X-Men: The Last Stand.

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