When Daddy Warbucks Celebrated the Death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

While Gray gave up on ripping on Flack, he never let up on Roosevelt.

In a series of strips in 1944, upon Roosevelt receiving the nomination for his historic FOURTH term as President, Gray began a series of strips where Warbucks was slowly dying of a mysterious disease. The disease, clearly, was that of the country itself. The current generation was killing the hero of capitalism, Warbucks...

Gray dragged the death out for some time, with many strips similar to the above.

However, as you all know, Roosevelt died early in 1945. Well, what do you know, Warbucks turned out to have faked his death!!

And then, Gray went even further by explaining how happy Warbucks was about a certain change in the "climate."

How twisted is that?

Thanks to Alan N. for suggesting I spotlight this one again (I've written about it before in Comic Book Legends Revealed and also in Foggy Ruins of Time)

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