Annabelle Comes Home: Every New Spirit & Demon in the Conjuring Spinoff

Annabelle Comes Home

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Annabelle Comes Home, in theaters now.

The Conjuring Universe has introduced some genuinely spooky specters, many of which are held within the artifact room of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. And Annabelle Comes Home finally lets them loose in the house, where they swiftly target the Warrens' 10-year-old daughter Judy (McKenna Grace), and teens Mary Ellen (Madison Iseman), Danielle (Katie Sarfie) and Bob (Michael Cimino).

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Here are all of the new spirits introduced in Annabelle Comes Home, how they haunt the character, and how they're defeated -- or at least held at bay.

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The Bride

A bridal dress hanging in the back of the artifact room becomes one of the most consistent ghouls in the film, in which it targets Judy and Danielle. The spirit in the dress can move through shadow and reflections, but it can also walk into the real world. The Bride carries a knife, and one side of her body is bloody. Danielle is wounded in one of her attacks, but after a moment the knife disappears. In reality, it's merely a ruse so she can get close enough to possess the victim's body.

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Judy warns Danielle early in the film that the dress can possess people. After her body is taken over, Danielle puts on the dress and acquires her own knife. She soon goes into a berserker fury, attacking Mary Ellen and Judy. However, the Bride is the most easily defeated of the haunted artifacts. Judy defends herself with a crucifix and a prayer, forcing the Bride to leave her alone. Later, a recording of Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) performing an exorcism is enough to force the demon out of Danielle.

The Hellhound

The Hellhound is a surprisingly versatile creature. It can transform out of the fog, and turn into an enormous, ferocious beast. The film reveals the Hellhound was originally from the United Kingdom, where it targeted a man in the countryside. The Warrens investigated the situation and helped to seal the creature into one of the artifacts they brought back to their home.

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The ability to appear from out of nowhere gives the Hellhound the element of surprise, which it uses to nearly kill Bob and Judy. Both of them mistake the creature for a werewolf, although there's no indication it can transfer its curse or transform into a man. Luckily, Bob and Judy escape the beast without being slashed or bitten. In fact, Bob even reduces the Hellhound back to mist when he smashes his guitar against it.

The Ferryman

Ferryman in Annabelle Comes Home

The Ferryman is based on the Greek mythological figure Charon. The guide to the underworld, the Ferryman is responsible for bringing souls into the afterlife. Not as aggressive as the Hellhound or the Bride, it surrounds people in darkness and lures them deeper into it with coins. Souls were previously claimed by the Ferryman when the dead were buried with coins placed their eyes.

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Throughout Annabelle Comes Home, Mary Ellen is targeted by the Ferryman. It tries to drag her fully into the dark, in an attempt to claim her soul. Light forces repels it, however, and Mary Ellen repeatedly uses a flashlight to force the Ferryman to leave her alone. Eventually, Mary Ellen has to venture into a closet that had become a pocket dimension for the Ferryman. Moving through the dark and around other bodies taken by the Ferryman, Mary Ellen finds the Annabelle doll and barely escapes with it. The Ferryman is among the demons that approach the heroines as they seal Annabelle away.

The Samurai

The Samurai armor is one of the oldest-looking artifacts in the Warren household. It appears to be haunted, as the spirit inside the empty armor can be seen at various points turning to watch people as they move around the house. Mary Ellen is eventually forced to approach it as it stands guard outside the artifact room. While Judy is able to move around it with ease, Mary Ellen is lost in the sounds of violence. Far away, she can hear women scream and men yell.

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Mary Ellen is almost transfixed by the suit, but Judy eventually snaps her out of her trance. During a panicked escape not long after, Mary Ellen bumps into the suit, knocking it down alongside her. When she looks at the armor, a bloody man suddenly appears inside, screaming. The suit receives no real backstory, making it arguably the most mysterious new addition to the Conjuring Universe.

The Room

There are lots of little trinkets in the artifact room that threaten the girls throughout the film. However, these items are much more low-key and scene-specific. Each of them has one aspect that forces the girls to try and avoid. An old television flickers to life when Danielle is trapped in the artifact room, and shows her glimpses of the future. However, its visions aren't 100 percent accurate. One shot showed her answering a cursed phone, before cutting to her laughing madly while covered in blood. But Judy and Mary Ellen keep her from picking up the phone, preventing that prediction from coming true.

The board game Feely Meely is seen throughout the film, first showing up in the artifact room before appear in Judy's room. Judy and Mary Ellen are later forced to play the game to find a much-needed key. While nothing attacks them at that moment, four hands eventually reach out to try and trip up the girls as they make their mistake. Even smaller artifacts, like the clapping monkey and the spinning toy box from the first Conjuring, make appearances, although they only ever really frighten the characters once.

Written and directed by Gary Dauberman, Annabelle Comes Home stars Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Mckenna Grace, Madison Iseman and Katie Sarife.

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