X-Men: Days of Future Past Star Anna Paquin Hasn't Seen the Rogue Cut

X-Men Days of Future Past Rogue Cut

Franchise star Anna Paquin still hasn't seen the Rogue Cut of 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Although plenty of fans have seen The Rogue Cut, Paquin told Couch Surfing that she isn't one of them. “Truthfully, I haven’t actually seen either [version]," she confessed. "Hey, everyone with newborn twins who sits down and watches films for their own pleasure, raise their hand. Not me."

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Despite being integral to the story in the comics, Paquin was sidelined in favor of Ellen Page's Kitty Pryde, though she did have a cameo in Days of Future Past. However, there were actually 17 minutes of additional footage, which was cut from the theatrical release, that saw Rogue take over for an injured Pryde to help keep Wolverine on his time travel mission. 20th Century Fox released The Rogue Cut in 2015. The Rogue Cut became a special edition version of the main movie.

Speaking about her scenes ending up on the cutting room floor, Paquin realises it sometimes just happens that way.“Those films have really really interesting, let’s call it, processes as far as how the scripts come about and they change so many times over the course of shooting,” she said. “And having done a bunch of ‘em already, I wasn’t massively surprised that the stuff shot first week of photography didn’t really fit by the end, six months later.”

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Paquin gave birth to her children, Poppy and Charlie Moyer, in 2012. Paquin recently revealed she'd like to return to the X-Men franchise and reprise her role as Rogue, but she doesn't think a return will happen.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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